Post Unit Reflection

R.E Year 10 Relationships

Informed Conscience

The definition of conscience in my own words i think means there is a voice inside of you that tells you the right from wrong. An informed conscience is were your instincts that allow decision making to occur while you consider the consequences of your actions as well how this may benefit you. Your conscience may help you but the others around you throughout your life and without a conscience your life would be full of wrong decisions.

Catholic Church Teaching on Sexual Intimacy

The Church believe that sexuality is a great gift. The church is a strong believer that you must only have sexual intercourse whilst you are in a committed relationship of marriage. The believe that there are two functions to sexual acts: unitive and procreative.

Unitive meaning a couple are brought closer through the act of sexual intercourse.

Procreative meaning that through sexual intercourse the couple have the potential of creating a new life or baby.

Homosexuals are not accepted by the church because the can not be procreative. Every person is created with dignity and worth and every person must respect the other persons wishes. Gods spirit is within us all.

Catholic Church teachings on Contraceptives

The Church teaches that sexual intercourse should be between you and your husband/wife. There are a lot of contraceptives out there and most of them work in different ways and have a variety of effectiveness. The most common of the lot of them are the condom, the pill and the morning after pill. They are the most common because they are easy to use and they can be brought in any chemist. The contraceptives that are not as common and are harder to use are Intrauterine device which is a small coil or loop that is placed in the uterus to prevent pregnancy it is to be put in by the doctor and depo provera is when a women gets an injection that can prevent pregnancy up to 6 months. All of these contraceptives will protect you from getting pregnant if the use of them is correct but they will not protect you from getting a sexually transmitted disease. Some will protect you from some STIs but many of them can get transmitted just through skin to skin contact.

Why Is It Important To Have A Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship between two people involves them showing each other a great deal of respect, loyalty and kindness. Healthy relationships mean that each person should be honest with each other and they should always be trusted with your secrets. You should always feel safe with that person, they should never ever abuse you or bully you. The other person should listen to you and be understanding, vise versa. You should never feel like they are judging you. There are two people in a relationship if the relationship becomes one sided and only one person is making all the decisions it will become sour very quickly. if any of these 'rules' are broken and the relationship can't be fixed then hey should get out of the relationship because it is know longer healthy.

By Kathryn