Battle of Africa!

Sneak Attack!

This is a picture of a couple African soldiers sneaking up on German Soldiers.

Battle of Africa

Tuesday, May 13th 194 at 6:45pm to Thursday, May 13th 1943 at 8pm

North Africa

Beginning at 6:30 pm, German and Italian soldiers will be attempting to invade North Africa. We plan on having the Allies help win this victory.

General Wavell

This General will start "Operation Battleaxe". He will attempt to use it but he will fail and be replaced by General Claude Auchinleck.

Key Military Strategies and Goals.

Kusk and Blitzkierg. Kusk is defending off an attack and Blitzkierg was going straight in the battle and "rushing" the enemy. Germany and Italy's goal were attempting to expand their boundries.

Who will be there?

Germany, Italy, United State of America, Great Britain, and Africans. Everyone was involved because Africa was not doing much to the cause of WW2 so why should they be attacked?

Out Come

After a hard fought battle, The Allies forces conquered the battle and kept North Africa the way it was. This later lead into the invasion of Sicily, Italy.