Kinder Corner

Week 2

We’ve had an extremely successful second week and are loving this group of kiddos!

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Tuesday, Sept. 6th - Miller Independence Day!

All Kindergarteners will start walking to class by themselves! They are doing a great job and are ready for this independence.

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Individual Assessments

Our major focus for the first 2 weeks of school has been learning Kindergarten routines and expectations. Beginning Tuesday, however, we will begin our individual assessments for Reading and Math. The process can take up to 6 weeks, and we will notify you when we have the results.

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We need your help with: Library Logins and Computer Logins

You should have received a yellow sheet of paper with your child’s name and library number on it this week. Please practice that number with your child so that they can memorize it and independently enter it into the keyboard. This number is his/her student ID number and will be tied to your student as long as they are in Plano ISD. You will be receiving your child’s computer login and password this coming week along with a paper keyboard. Please go to and help your child learn how to independently login. Your child’s time on educational computer activities will be better utilized if they can master the login process independently. The login is another item that will not change as they progress through their years in Plano ISD, although the password will change from year to year.

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Fun Friday

Next Friday is Happy Camper Day at Miller. Your child can wear a shirt that represents his/her summer happy place!

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Enjoy you Labor Day weekend. See you back on Tuesday!