ePortfolios Made Easy

Cathy Fields- Instructional Technology Facilitator

The following screencasts will guide you through the process of setting up Google Drive and the LISD ePortfolio. Taking the time to set up Google Drive and the Drive App will allow students to add artifacts and reflections during the teaching and learning process.

The short videos can be used with students or as a guide for learning the process of easy ePortfolio implementation.

Hints for Implementation

No that the iPads have the Chrome setting you can use them to upload items to the ePortfolio! Go to LISD.net, Student Applications, Google Apps, and then you will need to click on the three lines at the top LEFT of your screen. Scroll to the bottom and change the settings to the desktop version. This will allow the Google Tools to work just like they do on a computer. You CAN change share settings to "anyone with a link" if you go through Chrome.

Use Google Slides to add photographs to the ePortfolio. It prevents many common photo frustrations and can easily be done on the iPad. Click HERE for a video on uploading to a Google Slide and HERE for embedding that slide into the ePortfolio.

Cathy Fields ITF

Instructional Technology Facilitator