CCMS Weekly

November 16, 2015

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” ~ Jimi Hendrix

Upcoming Events

Parent Teacher Conferences

Half Days 11/19 and 11/20

PM Conferences are Monday 11/23 at 5pm

11/20 PTO Grants are Due

11/24 Staff Happy Hour

It's about that time. 'Tis the season. Let's get together. We're thankful to work with you. Title it whatever you want, let's meet at Billy Joe's on the day before Thanksgiving break after school. Find a sitter. ;)

12/4 Student Assembly

Dr. Stephen Birchak will be here to speak to our students about "The Three Keys of Character". Schedule TBD.

News & Notes

Chrome Book Carts: IMPORTANT

Beginning Monday 11/23 Chrome Book Cart 3 and 4 will only be able to be signed out by teachers in the C-Wing. Both carts will be located on the lower level.

If you are leaving plans for a sub and it includes the chrome book cart, you must indicate where the cart is found, where it goes and how the chrome books should be returned (neatly and plugged in). If we find that subs are not following directions they will no longer be permitted to use them.

Please return the carts where they belong and plug them in.

Clarification "Repeating the Day"

Effective immediately we will "repeat the day" for half days only. These are the days with an abbreviated 9 period schedule. Each day that is a scheduled half day will be repeated on the next full day of school. We will not repeat on 2 hour delays or any unscheduled early dismissals.

Note: 11/19 is a C day, 11/20 is a D day. On 11/23 we will restart with a C day.


Thanksgiving is coming. Grade 5/6 SAC will begin their food drive soon and the list will go up for turkeys soon. If you're collecting points for Turkeys, etc keep our Thankskgiving Basket drive in mind. Thanks in advance.

Photos for the Budget Flyer

Mr. Congelli from the BOE has asked for staff to send him pictures throughout the year that would be appropriate for the budget flyer. The photo should be students engaged in a school related activity and include the students names. He can be emailed at

Links of the Week