All FOURier one, One FOURier all!

Fourierism in a nutshell

Fourierism is a social system, in which society would be divided into groups large enough to fulfill their social and industrial requirements

Why we're doing what we're doing

We are promoting ourselves because it has come to our attention as to how poorly organized and cooperatively we work together. People do not receive equal share, and this capitalist ideology is wasteful!


  1. Have all people be flexible in preforming multiple roles!
  2. Agriculture shall succeed!
  3. All shall be disciplined, and self-governed!

How is it going to happen?

We most convince our brethren to cease to abide by this capitalist law, and convert to Fourierism! Spread the word and rejoice!

What has been done already in regard to Fourierism?

The great man, and founder for our belief, Charles Fourier, has written books as to why we are right, and how man will only succeed through our path of Fourierism!

More about Charles Fourier..

Charles Fourier was born April 7th, 1772 in the eastern French town of Besançon. After 20 years of attempting to be a merchant like his father, he opted to pursue more intellectual paths which better suited him. He wrote a book called The Social Destiny of Man/Theory of the Four Movements (depending on who you ask).

Key Events relating to Fourierism

Fourierism rose to a moderate popularity in the later half of the first half of the 1800's. As many as 50 phalanx settlements popped up in The United States. However, none of the ideas were truly put into place.

Things that occurred because of Fourierism

A phalanx settlement known as Brook Farm, was well regarded for its well executed education system.

This doesn't sound all that great.. Why should I help?

Well you see..

  • We want all people to enjoy equal amounts of what is produced!
  • We want people to govern themselves and not by a large power!
  • If Fourierism is implemented, people will have a more diverse set of skills!

What you can get if you contribute!

How can we raise awareness?

It's simple! Tell your friends! Use the hashtag #OneFOURierismAll on all the social media websites!

About me

My name is Jeauxsph Correa, a hard working individual who also plays musics.


May potentially lead to failure, loss of all money, and in most, but not all cases, death. Please ask your doctor before using, unless he is a filthy capitalist.