Church Growth

Why do I need your help leading church growth?

Ministerial Staff

For me, besides the comfort and support of being involved in a community of faith, I feel blessed to look forward to my growth and understanding through our church sermons. There has not been a single time during a sermon that I haven’t come away feeling like a line was meant for me or moved me somehow. Country Club does a great job of teaching me and relating the Biblical teachings to modern-day life.


Through the loss of family members and life changes, I’ve been able to find support within Faithbook. Women like Julie Miles, Carolyn Hughes, Lesley Holt, Carla Aday, they all set an example of how to treat others and they’re people that I aspire to be like. Welcoming, kind, wise. There are young ladies in my small group that I now lead- they’ve become great friends. We make plans to see one another outside of church and I've loved building these friendships. I look forward to seeing them sprinkled through various services. No matter which service I attend, through the positive interactions in Faithbook, YaWhose, and Caya- I now see many friendly faces.


I started attending YaWhose during my first years at the church. I met wonderful couples and singles. Amy Holmes, Guthreys, Howards, Dotys, Parkers, Howes, Louise Branstetter. It’s a pleasure to catch up with them and see them during combined class events.


I love that Country Club has had the young adult population growth to create the need to form a new Sunday School group. Getting to know others through service events and social activities has been great. I've met a great number of lovely ladies and gentlemen through this group. I already feel like Hayley Holt has been my friend for a long time. Our monthly schedule looks different to accommodate the needs of this group and I love that.

Opportunities Galore!

It’s great that Country Club provides a wide range of involvement and leadership options- each thing I do: whether it’s Micah Ministries, Sunday School group activities, leading Faithbook, Church Growth Council, sponsoring a new member, doing service events, meeting and speaking to you right now- each makes me feel more connected to Country Club and feel more attached.

Getting to the Point

Why do I need your help to lead the congregation in church growth? For me, there are two outstanding reasons.

1. Mary Lehoczky introduced herself to me in the pew on the first Sunday I attended. She became my new member sponsor and I look forward to seeing her and John whenever I can. I enjoy hearing updates about her family.

Like Mary, I’ve greeted other people the same way in my pew, in the Social Hall, after service. Making small talk. Sometimes, I find myself speaking to them again somewhere on the plaza. I have three prospective members coming in the next few weeks. Over time, I’ve hosted a dozen guests so far. Some get involved in Bible studies, some start listening to the online sermons, some want to donate money to service events, some want to meet people through Sunday school classes, some want to try the Expresso service coffee, some want the feeling of the intimate chapel service.

Did they come right away when I offered up an invitation to Country Club? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. And, there’s a handful that are still considering my offer and that’s okay. I’m never pushy about it, but they know the offer is always on the table. I speak with pride about how the services set a peaceful tone for my week or something new I learned and if they’ve ever thought about it that way. I send a text or email about the Faithbook season starting up again.

I want to share my love of fellowship at Country Club Christian, just as others did with me.

2. I started a new job this year. I knew a handful of people in the school district. It was great when I would see them- like a feeling of relief (Ah, I know someone!). I clearly remember parking my car on a cold evening and the lady getting out of her car next to me said, “Good evening.” I asked if she knew where she was going so I could follow her. It turns out she was the school board president. I felt like she was a celebrity- someone important to know within the organization. She took time to make sure I was settled in and felt comfortable, even when I knew she had big things to take care of at the time. It meant a lot to me and when the board makes a decision- I feel like I’m more supportive of this board than in my last district because I know they make a conscious decision to reach out. Setting examples for how I should treat others I encounter.

I envision my church board and peers within the congregation to be the same way. Important people within the organization that set the example for how others within should be.

Thank You for the Past, Thank You for Now, Thank You for the Future

In closing, I’m thankful for all the hard work and time commitment you’ve so freely given Country Club. It’s been great to be a part of the congregation during these years and I look forward to the growth and progress that will continue with your help.

Church-Wide Caroling Groups

Sunday, Dec. 8th 2013 at 5pm

6101 Ward Pkwy

Kansas City, MO

This event will involve 10-12 teams (15-20 people in each) canvasing our neighborhood, singing Christmas carols and hanging invitations to the Brass Concert and Christmas Eve on front doors.

Please come see me before or after your favorite service time to sign up for this great event!