My career portfolio

BY: D.J.



illistrator its under Arts, Audio Visual Technology, And communications.

Personal Strengths

wanted this career because i am good at drawing and I've been drawing since i was 6 years old.

My personal skills are active learner, judgement and decision making complex problem solving

education and training

I have to have a H.S. diploma, Bachelor degree, and less than H.S. diploma.

The school subjects that are important for this job is English, sales and marketing, fine arts, design, costumer and personal services.

Work Enviorment

I think this job will be fun. I will probably work in office. I will mostly travel. I dont think its suposed to be stressful because its suposed to e fun. I will work with tecnology cameras. I will work monday through friday.


i will make 39,320. My annual salary is 43,890. I will get 21.10 hourly.

Job Outlook

The Jobs available in 2023 is +6% slower than average. For a promotion it will be 20 opportunities available. I am still interested in this job after my research.