Spanish A Level Project


Capital of Panama

The capital of Panama is Panama. Or Panama City.

What part of the world is Panama located?

Panama is located in Central America.

One of the most important cities in Panama is San Miguelito. It is located in Panama and it is important because it has a very big population.

What are some of Panama's favorite foods?

Some of Panama's favorite foods are Hojaldras, which are doughnuts sprinkled with sugar, and Tortillas, which are flat pancakes made on corn flour usually found on tacos.

Write at least two places of interest that a tourist would visit when going to Panama.

In the pictures below, it has two pictures of each place. One is Panama City, and the other is Bocas Town.
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What does the Panama flag represent?

As you can see below, the Panama flag stands for peace and purity. The blue stars stand for purity, and the red stars stand for peace.
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