History of a reader

My reading

Early Memories

When i was little my Mom and Dad would help me read books and help me sound out words, they were very helpful. My kindergarten teacher was very helpful to each and every kids education. She read us "BIG" books and small the big books sparked my life. One of my favorite books was the hungry caterpillar which was a big book.

Elem. School

Once i was able to read i had to read to my sister Kaylin. it sucked reading the same books over and over again. I got read to in 4k-2 grade it was pretty fun until they tell you,"your on your own." We would have read out loud's once in a while.

There is still some kid in you!!!

Middle School

In middle school it is all up to you. Your on your own find good books. In 7th grade I had a teacher named Mrs. Tonn she would read us picture books everyday it helped me stay focused in that class. She inspiered me to like reading. So, I give a BIG shout out to Mrs. Tonn saying," thank you for helping me like reading!!!!"