Technology in Classrooms

Is it actually helping?

What kind of online technology is provided to the elementary students you teach?

"We use iPads and desktop computers. We also use SumDog, Reading Eggs, and Starfall which are all interactive and reading game programs."

Have you seen an improvement in the way the elementary students learn?

"Yes, their reading levels have improved. Kindergarten is becoming more familiar with basic keyboard skills too."

Are the elementary students more engaged when they have to complete their lessons online?

"Yes, it is easier to get them to learn if they are learning on the computer, plus it is faster. They can tolerate it better."

Do you believe that all teachers should be able to use online technology in the classroom?

"Yes, it makes it easier on the teacher. The students are more engaged in the learning process because they like to play games on iPads and their computers. But, at the same time they are learning valuable information."
Responses given by Kay Gentry, an Elementary Innovation and Technology Lab Specialist