Brianna Valles

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Venus noticeable or not?

Venus has been known as the brightest planet in the night sky since the beginning of recorded history.On clear nights,Venus is the first object appear in the dark night sky.

Venuses name

In Roman mythology,Venus means the goddess of love and beauty.

Craters On Venus

It seems that small meteoroids burn up in Venus' dense atmosphere before reaching the surface.But it seems that some what looks like very big craters are being seen on Venus scientist think that very huge meteoroids were heading for Venus but burning up in Venuses atmosphere,but scientist think it was so huge that it still made it to Venus but they think by the time it was made it to the surface it was much smaller than it was when it was heading there

American Missions To Venus(Mariner 2)

After a few false starts,the United States was ready to begin examining Venus as well.In August 1962,the United States launched Mariner 2.Mariner 2 confirmed that Venus had an atmosphere composed mostly of carbon dioxide,that it was hotter than anything it has previously imagined,and that it had no magnetic field a planets magnetic field protects it from harmful solar radiation and is generated by the rotation of the planet and the movement of its liquid metal core.After being on Venus for a while Mariner 2 started to not connect as well as when they sent it their after a year Mariner 2 completely lost connection and they never sent another space probe to Venus

Morning star and evening star

When Venus orbits around the Sun overtakes Earths orbit.It changes from being visible after sunset to being visible before sunrise.

Sister planet

Earth is known as Venuses "sister planet" because of their alike shape and size,but even though the planets are close in size and shape they are no were close to each other.Earth took the path of being able to have life and breathable oxygen why'll Venus took another path.Venus took the path of having a carbon dioxide atmosphere and above average heat temp. who could believe their supposed to be "sisters".
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