Lesson Study 2013-14

Collaborate for CCSS Success

Why is Lesson Study a Best Practice?

 The practice of Lesson Study returns learning and teamwork to the center of the professional development experience. Teachers collaborate with facilitators to design a lesson or a unit. The design aligns to their vision while attending to the Common Core Learning Standards. Important discoveries are made regarding the connection between what teachers and students value and the potential for the Common Core to empower them.

Earn extra money, collaborate with fellow professionals, and receive quality training!

Each semester you will earn 7 extra duty hours for collaborative planning, revising, and debreifing your team created lessons. You will also have an opportunity to receive  training from Sarasota County professionals as well as an experienced educator in Lesson Study from Duval County.

Are you interested?

Contact Suzanne Naiman or Elisha Jennings