Save the Arts Programs

By Michaela Breed

Why the Arts are Important

The arts are important because they help develop smarter and healthier brains. There have been studies that show that the kids that were in music or art classes scored higher on their tests and have higher grades. We are brought up in a society that focuses on left brain thinking rather than right brain thinking. The left side of your brain is about facts, practicality, control, strategies, and logic. The right brain is creativity, passion, limitless imagination, and sensuality. Most people will claim to be an equal balance between the two, but most people are associated with one more than the other.
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Why Schools are Cutting the Art Programs

Schools have tried to have an equal balance between logic and creativity, but the government only requires certain classes and the arts are not one of them. Sadly, when schools started having to make budget cuts it was an easy decision to cut the non required classes. When the schools first started to cut these classes, no thought anything of it because they thought of it as a little change. Usually schools wouldn't just cut the entire art program, they would do away with a certain musical, or fire a teacher that they could manage without. Nothing drastic happened until the schools started to receive less and less money. One thing lead to another and entire districts were doing away with the non required classes in order to afford equipment for sports, or to hire more teachers for the classes that "actually matter".
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