Social Studies: Grade 1

Hide and Seek: What's in Your Community - A Photo Collage!

You are the BEST grade one Photographers in the School!

As the schools' photographer, your job is to show off your community by taking pictures of interesting; natural and man-made features that make your community special.

A Photo Collage

Through the use of the school iPads, you will travel your community with your parents taking pictures. You will need to have a minimum of five (5) but a maximum of ten (10) photos to put together a photo collage that best shows off your community to families looking for a place to live.

Places in My Community

Assessment using GRASPS


  • Goal: Your task is to photograph your community
  • Role: You are the Photographer
  • Audience: The target audience is families looking to live somewhere
  • Situation: You will be showing off your community
  • Product, Performance, and Purpose: You will create a photo collage in order to show off your community
  • Standards and Criteria for Success: Your collage must meet the standards outlined in the class rubric

Assignment Due Date:

The Photo Collage is due on Monday, the 19th of October, 2015
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