A Peek at Our Week

Our Spectacular 1st-3rd Grade Class

May 20, 2016

Ocean Breath

Calm. Peace. Center. Flow

Ocean breath involves Inhaling through our nose and exhaling with our mouth closed and making a "hhhh' sound in the back of our throat. One can imagine ocean waves crashing into the beach on the exhale and flowing out on the inhale.

We especially enjoyed practicing a crashing wave circle. Holding hands, we inhaled together bringing our arms up as we walked a few steps toward the middle. Then, we gently crashed the waves by exhaling the arms down and stepping back. Working together to create a slow fluid flow of waves. After we got over the giggles, by end of the week we were gracefully breathing in unison. These breathing practices that integrate with our body have been very useful during this energy-filled Spring! :)


Division! We began exploring division with the idea of sharing fairly - everybody gets a FAIR SHARE. The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins introduced this idea for us. 8 cookies divided between 2...that is 4 cookies each. If it were 11 cookies divided by 2, well that would be 5 each and one remainder - to keep it fair!

We then read A Remainder of One by Elinor Pinczes to see how a number can be divided by grouping (this is where our skip counting is handy!). 25 divided by 5...how many groups of 5 can be made...5, 10, 15, 20, 15 - that is 5 groups! We found this method is handy especially when dividing large numbers! Some of us figured out the possible ways our school of 28 can be grouped so there are no remainders. Handy information to have on hand!


Writing Workshop

We wrapped up all our creative stories! We are now spending some time exploring poetry. To begin, we spent time with different books of poems, finding ones that appealed to us and noticing what different authors do. We noticed they can be funny, about feelings, about a vacuum...really about anything! Sometimes they rhyme or are in a shape. There is lots of space and line breaks, sometimes they follow rules like an haiku and sometimes they have lines that repeat. Next week we will write some of our own poems!


Magic C asked us to practice n and m....dive down, bump, swim up and over and down! For m, go up and over again!

Word Work

Phonics groups are working on:
  • crazy r - R is a babysitter with problems! R is loud and rowdy....turns the tv up loud, invites a bunch of friends over, and when she does notice the baby e, talks SO loud that you cannot even hear the baby e sound! That is why we cannot hear the baby vowel sound in fern, her, germ...
  • oy/oi - The O-Team! This is a team of vowels that make their very own new sound together. Each sound is a player on a team and first up is oy/oi. This player is a slider...really good at sliding into all the bases. Say the "oy" sound. Feel how your mouth slides from a small o shape back to a smiley e? It's a slider! Since we learned all about open/closed sounds a couple of week ago with "ai/ay" we now know when to use "oy" (when it is open like in boy, toy, enjoy) and when to use "oi" (when it is closed like in coin, join, point). Go, O-Team!!
  • syllables - Hearing the syllables in words helps us spell, especially when we get into multi-syllable words. We focused this week on noticing where syllable breaks are and paying attention to the long/short vowel sound to helps us (is is open or closed?). For example, sev*en has a baby sound so the "v" goes with the baby (closed). Si*lent has a long i meaning it is open (all grown up without a babysitter).


Our endangered Washington animal this week is the Sandhill Crane! Ask your kiddos what they can teach you!


We completed the first step of a "block" print project. We each completed a drawing of the endangered animal we are researching that will then be etched into our printing plate. Next week...printing!!!

Friday Workshops

  • May 20th - Ethan, Stella
  • May 27th - Addy, Oliver

  • June 10th - Olivia, Laurel

Field Trips

  • May 27th - Helsing Junction Farm Strawberry Picking

Important Dates

  • May 30 - No School
  • June 1 - Parent Meeting
  • June 10 - Half Day
  • June 15 - Board Meeting
  • June 17 - Half Day/Portfolio Share
  • June 18 - End of Year Ceremony 11:00-12:00 play, 12:00-12:30 ceremony, 12:30-3:00 potluck/play