The Panther Press - Welcome Back!

Previously Trailblazer Times

Welcome Back!

Dear Bluebonnet Families,

I hope you and your family are safe, healthy and enjoying the last week of summer break. This is our first Panther Press newsletter, previously titled the Trailblazer Times. Below you will find updates and information about our wonderful school, district and community. Please know that our administration and staff are excited about the next school year and we will continue to work tirelessly to meet the academic and social-emotional needs for every BES student. We are here to serve, so do not hesitate in reaching out to our school via our phone, email and our Facebook page. We are looking forward to seeing everyone, either in-person or zoom next week.


Rhonda McGee


School #: 817-744-4500

Secretary email:

Principal email:

Facebook link:

Early Release Days

The first three days of school, August 26, August 27 and August 28, 2020 will be early dismissal. Doors open at 7:40am and school will be dismissed at 11:55pm on these three days.

It is imperative that we do not have students and staff congregating in our office, hallways or outside of our doors, so we are unable to watch your children before 7:40 or after 3:25! It is imperative that students are dropped off and picked up on time. If you are in need of childcare before or after school, Clayton, Yes is our school's childcare program. Please see their website at

Meet Your Teacher Reverse Parade

We are so excited to start this school year. Although we will not be able to host our annual Meet the Teacher Night, we will be hosting a Reverse Parade. Please come meet and see your teachers for the fall on Monday, August 24th. Our staff will be standing at a safe distance apart in our front loop between 5:30-6:30. Each grade level and classroom teacher will be represented. Please consider attending. The following procedures will be in place to ensure safety for our students, families and staff. Hope to see you!

  • Please come down our most southern lane off of Teal.
  • Slowly drive down the hill and stay in a single file. There will not be two lanes as we usually have during drop-off.
  • Staff members will have a designated parking spot in which they will be able to wave to families.
  • All families will stay in their cars. There will not be any parking or stopping along the route.
  • Follow the lane down the hill, around the curve, past our main door and back up the hill.
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School Supplies Distribution for Remote Students

Using monies from the spring, our district and BES, were able to purchase the school supplies for our students this fall. For our in-person students, they will receive their supplies from their teacher on the first days of school, but it will be necessary to host a school supply distribution for our students who will be learning remotely. All REMOTE students are able to pick up their school supplies at the following dates and times.

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2020 from 2-4pm.
  • Thursday, August 27, 2020 from 4-6pm.

All supplies will be distributed along our cafeteria/gym drive. Going south on Teal, please take the first driveway. It leads down the hill to our gym and cafeteria. Follow the lane around our parking lot and to the curb. Staff will be located outside of our cafeteria to aid in the distribution of the bags. Stay in your car. Our staff will carefully place the supplies either in your back seat or trunk of your car.

We are looking forward to seeing you. Please contact our office with any questions.

How Will Your Child Get Home Google Form

Since we are unable to host our annual Meet the Teacher Night in-person, we are unable to give out our car rider name tags as usual. To ensure that every student gets safely home, it is imperative that we know how your child will be getting home the first few days of school and the remainder of the school year. Please fill out the Google form below with the information on how your child will be getting home after school. Fill it out as soon as possible. If your child is a car rider, we will make the tags for you and dispense on the first day of school. Thanks so much.

First Day of School

Calling all Kinder Families.

For the first day of school, please feel free to walk your child to our doors. A kinder staff member or another staff member will meet you at the door to walk your child onto campus. We will have a special event for you just outside of our doors. We are so excited to meet and serve your family this school year.

Kindergartners, and their siblings, arrival and dismissal location is our cafeteria and gym drop off.

KISD Adds Fifteen Minutes to the Instructional Day

Keller ISD’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved a revised 2020-21 instructional calendar at its August 17 Special Meeting that adds 15 minutes to the school day to accommodate for instructional time lost due to delaying the start of school to August 26.

The Board approved delaying the school start date by a week and making the first three days Early Release Days at its August 3 meeting. In order to maintain consistency with the original 2020-21 calendar, it was decided that adding 15 minutes to the end of each school day will make up for the lost instructional time while having no impact on previously announced District Holidays and Breaks.

The addition of fifteen minutes will impact our start and release times. The new times and a copy of the revised instructional calendar are below.

***New Bluebonnet Hours*** Doors will open at 7:40 every morning, and the last morning bell will ring at 7:55. School will now dismiss at 3:25 every day.

KISD Back to School Videos

Below is the link to KISD's Back to School Videos. There are videos on all parts of the start of this school year from department videos and covid safety protocols.

BES Changes for Safety

Below is a list of procedural changes we are making at BES to ensure the safety and health of our students and staff. Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.

  1. Masks: 1st Grade and Below: Wear while entering building, in hallways, common spaces, or on buses.
  2. Masks: 2nd Grade and Above and Staff: Wear at all times indoors, with limited exceptions, and outdoors when distancing cannot be maintained.
  3. Limiting adults on our campus is one major way to keep everyone safe, so no adults, except KISD employees, are allowed on our campus.
  4. Deliveries are also not allowed at this time, so we are unable to accept the delivery of food for your child. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.
  5. Please make sure your child has his/her backpack, lunch box and etc. every morning so that deliveries are not necessary.
  6. Students are not to congregate in any spaces, so we are not able to watch your children before or after school in our office. It is imperative that students are dropped off and picked up on time. If you are in need of childcare, Clayton, Yes is our school's childcare program. Please see their website at
  7. Adults are also asked to not congregate, so there is no parking and walking up to pick your child during our arrival or dismissal. Please stay in your car and drop off/pick up your child at our curb.
  8. With the addition of fifth grade, it is necessary to change how we arrive and dismiss on our campus. In the morning, only kindergartners, and their siblings, are permitted to drop off at the cafeteria.
  9. In the afternoon, buses, daycare vans and kindergarten families are to use the cafeteria driveway.
  10. All first, second, third, fourth and fifth graders, who are car riders, will be picked up in the loop outside of our main door. Again, there is no parking and walking up to the building.
  11. A video describing the new arrival/dismissal procedures is forthcoming and an updated route map is attached below.

We appreciate your understanding for these procedures. #BESStrong...working together we can keep everyone safe and have another great year of learning.

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Recess at BES

Recess is another change on our campus during this reopening. All students, weather permitting, will have an opportunity to be outside for a 30 minute recess. To keep our students safe during recess we will follow these procedures.

  • Playgrounds are closed until further notice.
  • Students are allowed to remove masks as they will be six feet apart. Each child will have a designated area in which he/she will be able to play. Jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, music and other games will be available. Each teacher will take their class out for recess and will have access to these toys and games.
  • Although we will have a planned 30 minute recess daily, our teachers will also be utilizing our outside "campus" for read alouds, individual practice activities and etc.

Breakfast and Lunch at BES

To ensure safety, we will not be utilizing our cafeteria for breakfast and lunch. All meals will be a "grab-n-go." Students will eat breakfasts and lunches within their classrooms every day. Our district was able to offer free breakfasts and lunches this past spring and summer, but will not be able to offer this for the fall. If you are interested in applying for free/reduce lunch, please see the link below.

The cafeteria staff will also be working hard to ensure safety by not only offering "grab-n-go" breakfasts and lunches, but they will also no longer be accepting cash or checks this school year. It is necessary to pay for your child's lunch via our district's on-line payment application, School Cafe. Please see the link below.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application and Payment On-line Service:

Bluebonnet Panthers

We are now the Bluebonnet Panthers! All ten schools in the Panther feeder pattern will have the mascot of Panthers this school year. This is an exciting change that will unite our schools and aid in the transition from each school level. BES Trailblazers will always be our history and one that we will continue to cherish and respect. Please feel free to continue wearing Trailblazer attire and our wonderful school song will still be sung...just with Panthers at the end. It is an honor to serve the Panther community and I know this change will be a great asset to our community, our schools and our students.

Panther/BES Credo: Unify. Leave Your Mark. Panther Pride! Please see our video below.

Panther Credo

Important Dates

Aug. 24 - Meet the Teacher Reverse Parade between 5:30-6:30

Aug. 25 - Look for a video from your child's teacher about your remote or in-person classroom

Aug. 26 - First Day of School! :)

Aug. 26 - REMOTE Supply Distribution between 2-4pm

Aug. 27 - REMOTE Supply Distribution between 4-6pm

Aug. 26-28 - Early Release Days:

School's doors open at 7:40.

Tardy bell is 7:55.

School dismisses at 11:55.