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Run game

Exploring The Famous Temple Run Game

Immensely popular since its launch, Temple Run is one of the most favorite video games amidst the avid gamers. Developed by Imangi Studios, Temple Run was first launched in the market in the year 2011. A sequel to the game, Temple Run 2 has been released of late in the year 2013. Temple Run can be played in iOS, Android as well as through Windows devices. The article here is a little brief on the Temple Run game.

The plot

The chief character in the run game is a valiant redhead muscular man who is running over a ruined temple path being chased by evil ape gang. The man is tightly clutching a stolen icon from the temple and hence the demonic monkeys are after him. The main goal of the game is to make your character run and run endlessly to save him from the apes. You will be able to tilt the character right & left for turning, swipe up for jumping over the cracks & swipe down for sliding under the tree holes.

Game objective

As a Temple Run player, your objective here is to secure as much points possible.

Coins & power ups

The actual thrill starts as you start getting adequate coins for activating the power-ups. These Power-ups can help you in several ways. First one is Coin Power that wi8ll enhance value of your collected coins. The second one is Invisibility Power Up that will allow the character to plow through the hurdles effectively sans the player swiping. The coins could be deployed to purchase many utilities. Resurrect is quite a popular utility here that enable you to restart life immediately whenever the character dies. You can even use your coins for changing your character or wallpaper. There’re 7 characters all total.