Middle School Monday Memo

June 4, 2018

Middle School Awards Ceremony

  • Friday, June 8 @ 10:30 AM
  • Reminder: please complete student name submission by Wednesday, June 6.


  • I would like one volunteer from each grade level for each content area to help announce the awards on Friday. I would also love to have the help of two family coaches as well to announce their awards. (First come first serve)
  • The daily schedule will run as usual.
  • For the PLT time there will be an assembly link for all students to attend at 10:30.
  • After the assembly students will be dismissed for lunch. After lunch at 12:45, the remainder of the day will return to the normal schedule.
  • If teachers want to combine classes on their teams for the final day to see all students together, this is approved.

End of the Year Report Cards

  • Grades need to be entered in Sapphire and D2L/Totalview and completed by COS Tuesday, June 12.
  • If you have any students (special ed) who need their courses to remain open for ESY, please let Shelley Stump and Aly know if you did not already.

Below is the information as to which teachers need to complete which tasks:

Sapphire grades and comments—for Report Cards (similar to Semester 1)

  • All gen ed teachers, including Long-term Subs
  • Special Ed teachers who teach their own courses (Math and ELA Fundamentals)

D2L grades—to close out K12 courses for students (same process for those who closed out Part A already)

  • All gen ed teachers, including Long-term Subs
  • Special Ed teachers who teach their own courses (Math and ELA Fundamentals, other special services teachers who are using a K12 course) If you did not assign work in the CS course, you can use the OLS/TV. You can use “P” or “C” for all students.
  • Specialists—you will need to close out your Intervention classrooms that start with CS. If you did not assign work in the CS course, you can use the OLS/TV. You can use “P” or “C” for all students.
  • Anyone else who may have a K12 course with students assigned, including any courses that start with CS.
  • You do not need to close out Homeroom classrooms.

Aly sent an email with the directions attached for entering grades in Sapphire & Assigning final grades in D2L.

Principal Survey

  • Just a reminder to please complete the principal survey to help me to better improve my leadership skills.
  • I appreciate those who have taken the time already to answer the questions and provide feedback.
  • I do promise to take the information and use it to better my skills moving forward for the remainder of this year and in upcoming years.


Big picture

SAP Referrals

We are closing out the Student Assistance Program referrals on June 06 since the students’ last day is June 08. Please make sure to get all referrals in prior to the close of school on the 6th so there is time to respond before the students are dismissed for the year.

Any emergency situations- like a Crisis, Homelessness, students in facilities are still being addressed throughout the end of the school calendar year on June 15. Just send them to mbregenser@agora.org.

For CRISIS - please call 724-698-2185 or go to the Crisis Room at http://tinyurl.com/agoracrisissupport.

On behalf of the SAP team, and especially Jennifer Barrios and Maegan Bregenser, we wish you a restful and joyous summer in conjunction with our utmost appreciation for what you have done to support our students this school year.

Pennsylvania School Code requirement for Tuberculosis (TB) Test

  • As per PA school code, all school personnel are to have in their employee file record of being tested for TB.
  • Moving forward, to be in compliance with this requirement, we will work to have this be a part of the pre-employment process for new employees. However, we must also gather this information from all existing employees.
  • If you have had a TB test done since starting employment at Agora, or within three months of when you first started employment with Agora, please send a copy to HR@agora.org.
  • If you have not, whenever you go for a doctor visit, such as for a physical or wellness exam, between now and August, please complete the TB test and submit the results to Human Resources.
  • This does not necessarily need to be a separate trip to the doctor, but whenever you go over the next several months, please just incorporate this in with the planned visit. You can have either the Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) test or an IGRA blood test. This is a one-time requirement, so once we have it on file, we should not need to ask for this again.