What's Happening at the Ranch

Week of September 19th, 2016

Shout outs!

Shout out to Coach Fritz, you rock! Thanks for spending one-on-one time with our kiddos and for getting the PE partners involved! ~The ALC Team

Shout out to Mr. Nickens for recruiting speakers for Career Day! Thanks! ~Kim G

Shout out to Sarah Brawdy for helping me communicate with my beginning ESL students by having us use Google Translate! ~Kim G


Don't forget to be passing out your Cowboy PRIDE tickets if you are picked to hand them out that day! We are SO close to getting our 15 in a row. It has to be this week!

What's on Deck for Next Week

Wednesday, September 21st - 6:00 8th gr Volleyball vs Schim @Carpenter

Thursday, September 22nd - 3:40 New Teacher Meeting in C110

6:00 7th gr Volleyball @Schim

Saturday, September 24th - Speech Tournament #1

September 27th - Dr. Binggeli visit, PTA presentation for all of 6th grade during 4th period, lunches switched around, modified schedule (it's going to be a mix of a regular schedule and pep rally schedule), afternoon Pep Rally. C lunches will go first and A lunches will go last.

September 30th - 6:30 Chili Cook Off!

October 13th - 4:00 - 6:00 Next Flexible PDH Session

*The first 30 minutes will be about PBIS and meeting in our ambassador groups. Everyone will need to attend that portion of the meeting even if you have made alternative arrangements for PDH with Wendy. We'll meet with paras during a different time for PBIS if this is past your workday time.

News from Debbie:

Please be sure you are leaving the copy room picked up after you leave. If any copying is left in there it gets thrown away! Such a waste!

As you throw paper away in the workroom please make sure you are using the blue recycling can to the left of the machine. I know there is a black can right behind you but that is not for paper! You will hear more in the near future about Carpenter Recycling so let’s go ahead and get in the habit of using the blue trash cans for our paper.

Also, little known fact about copy paper…

If it gets left out in the open it absorbs the humidity in the air and causes some curling which causes the machines to jam. Please do not leave paper out! If it is opened then it needs to go into the appropriate drawer in the machine. If the pkg is opened and only a small amount is taken out please leave the rest in the wrapping and in the cabinets.

Thanks for keeping our work space clean, our copiers in working order and the Carpenter Cowboys recycling!

Ranch Keeping

  • Don't forget to sign out and back in if you leave during the day - even if it's just for lunch!
  • Be sure to take attendance during the first 15 minutes of EACH period, even the blocked periods. (from Cathy!)

  • It's not too late to sign up for PTA!

  • Please keep checking for dress code violations first thing in the morning.

  • Only transparent water bottles are allowed to be carried around during the day. Please tell students to keep the other ones in their locker.

Grants! $$ $$ $$

Only 4 more days to get your grant proposal submitted!

The Plano Educational Foundation has a lot of money out there waiting for us to win for our students! The deadline to submit a grant is Friday, September 23rd at 5:00pm. If you submit a grant, let me know and an admin will cover your duty for a day. There's some incentive for you! Please see me if you have any questions, want to run an idea by me, or want me to read over your proposal before submitting. I used to write grants for a non-profit and would be happy to help anyone out with proofing!

All the information about grants can be found here: http://pisd.edu/about.us/foundation/grants.shtml

Here is a rubric of the scoring criteria to give you an idea of what the committee is looking for when awarding grants: http://pisd.edu/about.us/foundation/documents/scoringcriteria.pdf

Let's win a lot of money for our Cowboys!

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Happy First Day of Fall this Thursday!