Trip to Bahamas

Rainbow Travles

Atlantis Hotel where you are staying

This is a beautiful resort where your family while be staying. Price is 2,774.43 The stay is from Dec 1-8 Temperature 78-66

The Price of The Hole Price to Come here

$5166.69 is the total price for everything is this trip you will see on the website not including the meals you will have a car, flight , entertainment, and Hotel in this price
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This is the Water Park and a really fun and Amazing. This is a great place to relax and really fun with your children. Your children will love this water Park and will not want to leave! There's loads of places to relax. The price is free with your room payment

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Swimming with Dolphins is Really Fun with the Family and the Dolphins and is a great way to spend time with your family. Dolphins are really friendly animals to play with and you will enjoy your time with your family playing with these dolphins. The cost for you whole family is $290.26

The Car

The Price of a Car

The Price of this Car is $844 Dollars
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The Flight

The flights is 1757 Dollars
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Pie Chart

The hole price for the Trip
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