Jackson Savage or Scrub

Jarrett Fowler, 3rd period

Nullification Crisis

South Carolina was very mad about the tariffs and did not want to pay them. They threatened to secede if the tariffs were not lowered. Jackson passed the Force Bill where he can take the army down to South Carolina and force them to pay their tariffs. South Carolina was no longer going to leave and Jackson lowered the tariffs.

Indian Removal Act

Georgia wanted the Indians to leave because they wanted the land they lived on. Georgia threatened to secede if Jackson did not make the Indians leave. Jackson was very close with the natives and even had a Indian son, but he did not want Georgia to leave the US. Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act where the government can trade the Indians land for their land.

Trail of Tears

After the Indian Removal Act the Indians were forced to leave their land. This was very emotional because the Indians had established a very good town and even had a constitution. The Indians were moved to a much worse land in Oklahoma compared to the land they previously had. Many Indians suffered diseases and died on the trail to Oklahoma and it was very emotional.


Jackson is the best! Because of him we can now vote and he expanded suffrage. I am so glad he made those filthy Indians move, now i have more land to get rich off of. Jackson is just like us, grew up in the west, didn't have as much as those wealthier white men, but he rose to the top above all. Jackson is the best president ever, he has helped us so much and i am so thankful for him.

Native American

I hate Jackson!! He is the worst. I thought he liked us and was our friend but no he turned on us and made us move from our home we have had for many generations. The land in Oklahoma he gave us is horrible!! I want to go back to Georgia!! The walk from Georgia to Oklahoma has been horrible, i have seen many of my friends get sick and die and we had to leave so much of our stuff in Georgia. This has been so unfair! I HATE JACKSON!!!