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A Morsel To Chew On....


I hope that each of you found the AT presentation helpful as we move forward planning for assessments, and finding new ways to meet the needs of our students.

In regards to progress reporting, I hope that you left the meeting with these two important thoughts:

#1 - Progress reports are a legal documentation of a students achievement

#2 - There are multiple ways to gather data, and the end result should show evidence of progress, or lack thereof

We had a great discussion which will serve as a springboard into writing smarter and more measurable IEP goals, while thinking carefully about data collection.

On Deck....

- FBA/BIP Training in November

Coming Up....

- Are we collaborating and utilizing our paraprofessionals as well as we can?

- What is Academic Support?

Please enjoy the long weekend! :-)


Helpful Resources

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Discovery Education


I have included my log in information for you to gain access.

UserName - masonles

Password - wvpt

Intervention Central


This is an older website but it does have a lot of tips for RTI, data collection and assessments.