===============By: Megha Siddapureddy===============

Information about Judaism

The followers of Judaism are called Jews, they worship the god Adonai. The Jews sabbath

( Most important day to worship) is on Friday eve and Saturday eve. The Jews believe they shall live a good life (The rules of the Torah). Some traditions of the Jews are if a girl (bat) and boy (bar) when they turn 13 is an "adult". Some Jews eat no pork, shellfish, mixing milk and meat. The holy place to worship for the Jews are called synagogue so the Jews can pray to Adonai. The Leaders or teacher are known as Rabbi which means teacher/guide is the Jews worship leader. The Torah is the holy book of the Jews. Some of holidays are Rosh Hashanah which celebrates the new year, Hannukah this celebrates the 8 days of oil which only lasted on day at the temple. The holy city of Jerusalem is one of the the holy cities of the Jews and there was it's first temple (Holy Temple).

Three Common Religions

The 3 world religion have only one thing in common is they believe in the god of Abraham.

They believe him because all of the religion are monotheistic ( Believe in one God).