2015 Year in Review

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Period 7 - Sal Majeed

3 Companies that Marketed Themselves the Best

1. Nike: They have been hot all year long, releasing hot new shoes and clothing frequently throughout the year. "The swoosh" logo has been one of the most popular logos for years.

2. Apple: Apple has been the most popular smartphone company for years now and they continue to dominate.

3. Geico: Geico has some of the best commercials in the business. You can't go an hour of watching TV without watching a Geico commercial. They have had very good marketing skills throughout the year.

2 of the Best and Worst Products of 2015


1. Amazon Echo

2. iPhone 6


1. Innerly

2. Luminette

Top 2 Movies of the Year

1. Star Wars continued its reign as one of the greatest movie series of all time. It broke Avatar's grossing record which means to become the top grossing movie of all time. it attracted many people by reeling in all the fans from previous the previous movies.

2. Jurassic World attracted many people due to the fact people were waiting on a new movie after Jurassic Park 3. The aspect of Dinosaurs also reeled in many children as it is one of the favorite animals of kids.

Top 2 Artists of the Year

1. Adele's hit new single "Hello" has been the #1 song in the US ever since it has came out. Adele's 3 year break from music left everybody anticipating her next song, and the its release was massive.

2. Drake is the most popular rapper in the game right now. His album "What a Time to Be Alive" is the #1 hip-hop/rap album of the year. Drake also got into a big fight with Meek Mill over the summer and created "Back to Back" as a diss track which gave him even more of a spike in popularity.

Top 10 NFL WR's of 2015

1. Julio Jones

2. Antonio Brown

3. Odell Beckham Jr.

4. Calvin Johnson

5. A.J. Green

New Year's Resolutions

1. Spend less time on my phone and more with my family

2. Procrastinate less

3. Pay attention more in class