Golden Rose

by: Emmerie Smith 11/17/15 b2


It was a sunny day when another pony was born into the world, Golden Rose.

Rising action

she was born into a rich family. Felisha and Jeff Rich wanted to make money off of her by making her win shows.Golden rose did not want to preform. The next week she was sold into an auction. Emma just happened to be there looking for a new friend. well after 2 or 3 hours she went home with Emma. Golden Rose loved Emma so much she started to train for shows. Rose did amazing she was so famous that Felisha and Jeff wanted her back. They were rich so of course they took her. Emma was heart broken.


Then she thought of a plan. They would each have 3 days to train and show Golden rose.

falling action

Golden Rose was terrible for the rich family. Emma was up and golden rose was amazing.


Golden Rose went home with Emma and they could not be happier.
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