Viva La Vida by Cold Play

Come see why this song should be saved!

Here's why this song should be saved!

I think that this song should be saved because it tells how one person can go from the top right down to the bottom. It is special because it shows how rough this world can be. You can be the king of the world, but then you can go down to being a cleaner of the streets. This is better than any song, I believe, because it has a good message, instruments, vocals, and it's still catchy.
This song places itself back in renaissance times. It uses Viva La Vida in the name, because it means Long Live The King. In the song it says "Now in the mornings I sweep alone, sweep the streets I used to own..." implying that he was the king. It also says "And I discovered that my castle stands upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand," showing that his foundation on the kingdom was weak.

I believe that this song should be saved.