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Pharaohs/expectant pharaohs

Recently Ramses II's 6th son in the line of expectant pharaohs has just died, giving him his surprisingly long 51st year of reign over Egypt. Also, his favorite wife,the Great Nefertari, passed away just 36 hours ago. Today is the remembrance of the pyramids of Giza 2584-1218 BCE.

Trade and Mining

Mining has been very prosperous and we have found a lot of gold and precious minerals. Because of this trade is occurring more with bordering countries. We have gotten tons of different foreign goods, such as bananas and cedar wood.
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Enemies and Allies

During the battle of Kadesh, Ramses valiantly tried to attack the Important strategical city. Sadly, his men all deserted him, leaving him to fend for himself. This is what he said about that battle:

"not one of my princes, of my chief men and my great,
Was with me, not a captain, not a knight;
For my warriors and chariots had left me to my fate,
Not one was there to take his part in fight.
Here I stand,
All alone;
There is no one at my side,
My warriors and chariots afeared,
Have deserted me, none heard
My voice, when to the cravens I, their king, for succor, cried.
But I find that Ammon's grace
Is better far to me
Than a million fighting men and ten thousand chariots be."

Proving that no one was "by his side".

Religious News

Today is October 22nd, the day that the the great temple of Ramses, Abu Simbel will be lighting up Ra and Ramses II inside the temple. To watch this spectacular event, meet outside the temple at 6:50 AM.
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Breaking Outrage

The Temple of Luxor, built by Ahkenhaten, has just been destroyed by an outrage from the public near Ahketaten. As well as the the temple being destroyed, his tomb was opened and found a lot of graffiti containing signs of hatred towards Ahkenhaten.
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Remembrance of Hatshepsut

Ou first female pharaoh of Egypt, she brought us bananas and was a women's rights advocate. She proved herself worthy of being a pharaoh by looking like a man and making trade better for Egypt.
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Come to the the new temple and learn to write hieroglyphs .

The brand new school located in the heart of Thebes. The priests are educated and will make offerings to their gods everyday. Lunch is included within the tuition. High-class may only taught. Only 4 gold nuggets per month. Come learn today!
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This week will have some extremely good weather, with a high of 86 and a low of 73. Some showers are coming in from Lower Egypt. Also, in Upper Egypt the locusts are coming in and will be staying there for at least two weeks. We advise you to close your windows and doors, protect your livestock, and store as much ripe wheat, fruits, or vegetables in your home as possible.


There is a brand new Horus amphitheater in Thebes. The maximum occupancy is 1,000 people per show. Buy your seats now, or they will all be sold out! Come on dow to see a breath taking show.
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Farms Market

Go to the farmers market that sells supplies for your farm. You might find bananas, farming tools, cows, oxen, and much more! You will also find freshly harvested foods of the season, like cucumbers and different types of grains. The prices may range from 1 bushel of wheat to 5 golden nuggets per month for 5 months. The new famers market is near the Great Pyramids.
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Joke of the Week

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