Exhibition-Water Pollution

By: Evan che

Reflection #1

I'm nervous because I'm don't know a lot about water pollution. So far I'm enjoying researching about water pollution because the information is interesting for me. The communication is hard for me because I'm not good at talking.
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Reflection #2


I am becoming a better thinker. I successfully designed a water pollution poster. The fish is holding a help sign, while polluted water is falling on it's head. I also chose this fact "1 in 9 people world wide do not have access to save and clean drinking water." I also enjoyed learning new facts and ideas about water pollution, which I was able to design a poster with


I try to do my best for my group. When I designed our poster, I took my time to make a real interesting picture, that captured water pollution. When my group speaks to me ,I'm always listening to their ideas and suggestions. If I din't understand what my group members wanted I would ask them more questions. This would help me to complete my task.

REFLECTION #3/4 - Mentor

When I met with my mentors, Ms. Woodward and Ms. Timpano, we planned a specific time and place to collect garbage. They were very helpful, they both joined us at Cornation Park where our group collected garbage. I have been able to show my mentors all the work that I have been researching on water pollution. I showed my poster to them, and they really like it. They liked my creative design. They also help our group to communicate positively with each other.

Reflection #5 - ART

The two attitudes I displayed were creativity and cooperation. I showed creativity in my poster I designed for my group. I also drew a series of pictures of a bird and the effects of what could happen when it eats garbage. The second attitude I displayed was cooperation. I worked with Mara in order to complete this drawing. I also showed cooperation by constructing a clay bird, I made the wings while Mara constructed the body. We created this bird together! My group members displayed appreciation, commitment, creativity, enthusiasm, and independence. These all contributed to our art component.

Oral Reflection (8-9)

I enjoyed listening to my other group members speak. We were all very prepared for our presentation. We spent a lot of time rehearsing our parts. I tried to speak clearly and present my information at a good pace. I struggled with maintaining eye contact with the audience, as well as speaking loudly. I found pronouncing certain words ( photosynthesis, marine...) extremely challenging when working on my group's presentation. The three key points I feel that the audience learned at our Exhibition were: My fish poster,