Box kite

By:Ronny Quinteros

Blue Print

This is a roft draft of a box kite.This is a really awesome kite because it open like a parachut.This blue print will help you do your kite.This is a dream kite for me and it is awesome on how you fly it.

Problem #1

Katlin flew the kite 1 mile.Max flew the kite 3 miles.How many more miles did Max fly the kite then Katlin.

Problem #2

Zack flew the kite 6 miles in one week..Andrew flew the kite 10 miles in two weeks.Who ran the most with the kite in one week.

Little Model Kite

The little model kite that i did in math helped me create a big kite in science.It was easy to make it bigger and i went faster creating the kite.The little model kite helped me a whole bunch.

Surface Area

My surface area to my box kite is 1,575cm.