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Hour of Code

Next week starts Hour of Code! There are lots of great activities out there related to your content. Check out for more information.

Small Group Instruction

I have created a playlist of videos pertaining to secondary small group instruction. These videos may help you visualize what small group can look like in your classroom. Check them out here

Below I have provided several articles related to small group in middle school if you would like to learn more.

Formative Assesments

Formative assessments are a great way to check the pulse of mastery with your students. Past newsletters have provided you formative assessment strategies, in addition to those here is an article I came across yesterday that may be beneficial:
Targeted Small Group Instruction

This site has good info on designing and implementing small group in middle school

Teaching Small Group in Middle School

Another good article about middle school small group geared towards writing workshop

Tips For Implementing Math Small Group Instruction

and another great small group article pertaining to middle school

Research Paper: Small Groups

Though it is long there is great stuff in the research paper

Middle School Literacy Stations

Wanting to try stations? This article provides some guidance.

Learning Opportunity

Birdville ISD is putting on an Innovation Summit online starting Monday. For 12 days you will receive emails containing videos related to classroom instruction. Interested? Sign up here: