Kindergarten Newsletter


Classroom News!

We celebrated Earth Day on Wednesday. Kindergarten got to sing a verse of "The Garden Song" which we had been practicing in connection with our study of Farms. We listened to three versions of this song (John Denver and Peter, Paul and Mary) and decided that this version was our favorite: Speaking of gardens ... we did an experiment in order to see if we could prove that plants pull water up from the soil. We put food coloring in jars of water and then placed white carnations in each jar. The children guessed what might happen - the carnations would change color and how long it would take. We looked at the clock and waited one minute -- nothing. We waited two minutes -- nothing. We tried singing to our carnations a la "Frog and Toad" -- still no change. After an hour there were shouts of "Look! Look! The carnations are changing color!"

Conversation Starters

* What did you do at the CHS Earth Day celebration?

* What are big books?

* About how many days have you been in Kindergarten?

Fun Things To Do At Home

* Sing the Garden Song.

* If you have to go to the library, the post office, the park, discuss where you would go first. How should you decide?

Poem of the Week

Dirt on My Shirt

There's dirt on my chirt

And leaves in my hair.

There's mud on my boots.

But I really don't care.

Playing outside is so much fun

To breathe the clean air

And feel the warm sun

To stomp in a puddle

Or climb a big tree

Makes me quite happy

Just look and you'll see!

Apps This Week!

This week we listened to and read stories using the One More Story app on our iPads.