Diagnosing Sports Related Injuries

Maintain A Healthy Body

Maintain A Healthy Body

We all know the benefits of regular exercise; it can help to lower stress, strengthen the joints and improve overall health. However, a sports related injury is a common occurrence among those who do exercise or play sports regularly, especially for those who aren't used to exerting themselves. Not using the applicable safety equipment, or simply overdoing it can both be common causes of sports related injuries, although there are other contributing factors too.

Two of the most common injuries when playing sports are sprains and strains. Tearing the tendons or muscles can be a result of twisting or overusing a joint, while overusing various joints in the body can lead to 'overuse syndrome' or tendinosis. The resulting pain can vary in its intensity, and in many cases that joint simply can't be used for a period of time. Repetitious activities and using the same tendon repeatedly can lead to an inflamed tendon. Most of us have heard of golfer's elbow and tennis elbow, two common forms of tendinosis.

Another common sports related injury is a stress fracture, which are caused by a bone having too much weight placed on it. These fractures, also known as fatigue fractures, are all too common in runners who try to run too fast and too hard while inexperienced.

Comprehensive Care

An MRI or x-ray is often needed to help to determine which type of sports related injury you have. The procedures can identify any soft tissue injuries and eliminate any fractures. The swelling of any affected area can be reduced by elevating the limb, while pain can be alleviated while the tissue is healing, by the use of heat and ice. Of course, preventing sports injuries in the first place is a lot more preferable than having to diagnose and treat them. It's important to always practice safe and correct techniques when playing sports, as well as drink plenty of water, practice correct cooling down and warming up, and generally educating yourself and others.

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