Ballerinas for Women

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Footwear Statement: Ballerinas or Peep Toes?

Making a fashion statement has always been a popular trend and when it comes to women it is taken to a whole new different level. Each and every detail of clothing, accessory, and footwear is carefully thought of. Women footwear has actually seen quite a transformation in the past decade. From flats to stilettos, it has been quite a ride and it has been actually very joyous for the women of the fashion after all every woman wants to be a trendsetter in her own way. What has been keenly observed is the return of quite a few trends.

The most appreciated comebacks have been that of Ballerinas. This fashion of footwear could be traced back to around the 16th century. These were very lightweight shoes intended for ballet dancers who needed something very comfortable and they used to be made of soft leather or satin and had flexible thin soles. They are still used for ballet dancing. But when it comes to making an impact in the fashion industry, they have made a comeback with a few changes. They are now available in variations of the original Ballerinas and are referred to as ballet pumps or ballet sneakers and usually come with a rubber sole. They have been known to be a better alternative to high heels. The reason they are so popular is that they can be used both for casual and dancing purposes and sometimes formal wear too. Heels can cause trouble in the upper and the lower body unlike these. They are available in a huge variety in terms of texture, fashion, print etc. thus providing a lot of options to choose from.

Another trend that has been gaining popularity day by day is the famous Peep Toes. The reason why they are called this is because these shoes are open at the toe box which allows partial toe visibility. They don’t have any particular type of shape except that they are open at the toe box. Peep Toes shoes have actually seen quite some peaks and valleys since their inception in the 1940s. They had disappeared in the 1960s, only to resurface in the 1970s again and then losing their charm by mid 1990s. They have been recently enjoying some popularity again with some change in the form of Peep Toe boots. They are available in all varieties such as pumps, heels, flats, etc. These shoes are in fact very suitable for outdoor events, parties and even casual wear especially in the summers.