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Ways to ensure your remodeled kitchen cabinet stays hygienic for years to come

After the renovation of your kitchen, the first aspect is to try and keep the cabinets hygienic. Surely you would want your cabinets to look like the renovated version even after years of using it. You would be surprised to know how easy it is to keep the renovated and high-quality cabinets hygienic all the time. Below mentioned cleaning tips are provided by the best kitchen cabinets Atlanta GA experts from our firm.

Identify the type of cabinet you have

Ideally, three types of main cabinets are available, and our experts suggest to clean accordingly. Cleaning method may differ, but the aim remains the same. For instance, for the wooden cabinets, we would need a few aspects such as detergent, baking soda, and vinegar. We can even get an oil-soap wood cleaner for this. Similarly, we would need a different type of cleaner for the painted cabinets because its durability is higher than the wooden ones. However, the experts suggest that metal cabinets are much easier to clean.

Don't forget the interiors

You can use the detergent here with a spray bottle and clean the interior part of the cabinet. You can use sponge and cloth to wipe out the entire cabinet. However, experts suggest that you shouldn't let your inner cabinet become damp in the process. You can also strive to get the tricky spot in the cabinets with a stronger cleaner. For instance, using a mixture of baking soda and coconut oil can help you in getting rid of unwanted stains.


You might have to focus on getting rid of all the unclean aspects in the cabinet. Our kitchen remodel Atlanta GA experts ensure to provide you with enough information regarding how to keep your cabinets clean. You have to make sure that you use proper tools and techniques depending on the type of cabinet used.