Chimacum Junior Senior High School

First Week Back to School- September 8, 2021

Table of Contents

In this newsletter:

Reflecting Back on the Last Week and a Half

  • Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!
  • New Staff Members
  • Professional Learning

Health & Safety

  • Message from Dr. Mauk
  • Covid-19 Student Symptom Flow Chart
  • Rapid Response Testing Parent Permission Required
  • Parent Consent Form Rapid Response Testing
  • Sports Safety Update
  • School Facilities
  • Chimacum School District's Sexual Harassment Policy

Community Partnerships

  • Jefferson Teen Center
  • School Based Health Center
  • Chimacum High School Class of 2001's 20 Year Reunion


  • Important Dates

Cowboy Day and Orientation Success

Welcome to Chimacum Junior Senior High School

Thank you to our student leaders for leading over 50 of our 7th graders, 9th graders, and new students on a fun scavenger hunt and tour of the building.

It was fun to meet so many students and families at Cowboy Day on Thursday, 9/2. Many of our students and families stopped by to get their pictures taken, pay student fees, meet their teachers, sample a delicious blueberry muffin made from ingredients from our school garden, talk to student leaders about their clubs and check in with our counselors.

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!

We have had a great positive start to the school year. Yesterday students left our classrooms talking to each other and sharing more about the last few months. I heard many students say that they are so excited to be back together. In classrooms students and teachers are learning more about each other as part of starting our year strong with learning partnerships.

Today I stepped outside with our students to learn more about projects to develop what we can learn by planting different crops in our garden. Students quickly joined in the work and were ready to begin tagging different plants to study. Gary Coyan talked about all of the things the soil can tell us about the plants.

As we start the new school year, we look forward to more days focused on providing students with opportunities to connect and explore.

New Staff Members

Please join me in welcoming our new teachers to our school. Julie and Karl Jordan are joining us from Sitka, Alaska. Julie is teaching science and horticulture. Karl is teaching our woods and CTE wheel classes. Robin Hensiek is joining our Special Education team. She is connecting with our district committees already. We are excited that you are joining our Chimacum Junior Senior High School team. If you see Julie, Karl, or Robin around town please say hello.

Professional Learning

Last week our staff came together for five days of professional learning together. We focused on check ins, core values, social emotional learning sessions for academy, concepts, tiered assignments, wellness, multi tiered systems of support- tier 1 interventions, and project based learning.

Message from Dr. Mauk

Dear Chimacum Families,

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year! We are truly delighted you are joining us for a great year of learning and thriving for our students and families. The staff are just finishing up a week of getting ready for the new school year with intention, innovation, wellness, and engaging all of our students from the time they get on the school bus until the time they get off the school bus!

I want to give you a brief update on safely reopening our schools to in-person learning. I know that the regular changes and uncertainty are challenging for all, and many of us are anxious about school. We will be opening safely for our students and staff, and collectively taking measures to ensure that we can safely and sustainably operate our schools in-person.

In addition to the guidelines you have already seen, here are some reminders and updates.

  • Masks are required indoors at all times by our students. Students can be unmasked outdoors and for eating lunch.

  • Volunteers and visitors are not allowed in buildings at the start of school. We are working on protocols and protections that prioritize volunteers and partners.

  • Public access to facilities is limited at this time. Student pickup and drop-off will be outdoors.

  • Rapid Testing- We are deploying the use of rapid testing for symptomatic students and staff. In addition, our athletes are being tested regularly, including game days. Unvaccinated staff will be tested twice weekly until they are considered fully vaccinated beginning no later than mid to late September. We will be entering all test data in a central statewide system for tracking Covid test results so that the state can more easily do contact-tracing, and monitor outbreaks and positivity rates. It is required for unvaccinated staff to have the testing to continue working.

  • Schools will remain open- We are counting on Covid mitigation measures to prevent outbreaks in our schools. This includes managing lunch periods and not having assemblies, and ensuring we are following the protocols we have been given.

  • We will use rapid testing and contact tracing to keep classrooms running and schools open regardless of the overall number of hospitalizations or cases in our county. There is not a student or staff case number threshold for closing a classroom. If we can determine that the virus is contained we will keep classrooms open. A whole school closure is possible if an outbreak spreads to other classes despite testing, quarantine, and tracing measures. Dr. Berry, the county health officer, will be making this call if it were to happen, and we would transition to remote learning. We are counting on our families to agree to student rapid testing so we do not have to rely on long-term quarantine and we can more easily determine the extent of any spread.


District employees are required to be fully vaccinated by October 18. Here is a summary of that mandate.

  • It is the position of the Chimacum School District, Jefferson County Health Department, the Washington State Department of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control that the best measure to protect students, staff, and families from contracting the Covid 19 virus is to become vaccinated for Covid 19. While other mitigation measures will help with disease spread, Covid vaccines have been proven to reduce infection rates, and reduce the harmful effects of the disease including hospitalizations and deaths. We encourage all eligible people to get the Covid 19 vaccine.

I wish you a restful and joyful Labor Day weekend. It is a great time to reflect on and acknowledge all of our school district employees, as well as all workers’ contributions to our community well-being!


Scott Mauk, Superintendent

Links for reference:

Covid-19 Student Symptom Flow Chart

Rapid Response Testing - Parent Permission Required

If needed, we have the ability to use rapid testing to test symptomatic students and staff. For students, parent permission is required using the permission form linked below and a paper copy will be sent home with your child the first few days of school.

If there is exposure in the community or at school, rapid testing allows students that test negative to remain in school and avoid quarantine and thus allowing us to continue to keep the school open.

For students with family permission, the rapid test is self-administered.

No student will self-administer a rapid test without the parent's permission. However, without permission to rapid test and the student had close contact with someone with COVID-19, they will need to isolate from school for 10 days and the office will contact you to pick up your child from school.

If your child is showing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, do not send them to school and follow the return to school flowchart listed below.

Parent Consent Form Rapid Response Testing

If you didn't already sign this form at Cowboy Day, then please sign the attached form.

BINAX NOW Parent Consent for Rapid Response Testing

BINAX NOW Parent Consent for Rapid Response Testing Form in Spanish

Sports Safety Update

For sports we are following a rapid response testing procedure as well. We will be testing volleyball, girls soccer, x-country, girls swim, and boys tennis on Fridays before practice. All athletes are being tested either before practice or during lunch. Football will be tested on game day. Cheer will be tested twice a week. Please get your permission forms signed and turned in.

We will be following Jefferson County Health Safety guidelines.

-Athletic Director, Carrie Beebe

School Facilities

We are following all required Department of Health and OSPI guidance on our reopening this year. Because of these requirements, safety protocols are implemented to ensure our students and staff are healthy. Some of the safety protocols include:

  • Parent pick up and drop off for school will be outdoors. You may walk your student to the outside door, but must not enter the building. This is to minimize exposure for our students and keep school open.
  • Masks are required for all students & staff at school & on the bus. Please have your student wear a mask to school. Masks will be provided if your child needs one.
  • At this point, visitors may not visit school facilities so we can minimize exposure to our students.
  • Currently, staff and students are not required to wear masks outside.
  • Distancing requirements are three feet for students indoors with masks and six feet when masks are off for eating.
  • The school district will follow county procedures for potential exposures. A new flowchart is linked in this newsletter.
  • If you are needing immediate attention and are on campus (in the parking lot or near school entry), please call the CJSHS office at 360-302-5900 for assistance or visit our school office masked and in-person.

Chimacum School District's Sexual Harassment Policy

In compliance with WAC 392-190-060 & WAC 392-190-058, Chimacum Junior Senior High School is providing the following information to all parents, staff, and students regarding the district's discrimination and sexual harassment policies and procedures. Please click here to review the nondiscrimination and sexual harassment policy. You can access a full list of related policy and procedures on our district's webpage at

School Based Health Center

Students can visit the school based health center to access services.

We provide medical services for students at Chimacum Jr/Sr High Schools.

Services includes: sports physicals, injury evaluations, reproductive health, stress management, relationship issues, and much more

To make an appointment:

  • Call or text 360-390-8560-- OR
  • Call 360-385-9400, opt 3

Serving students with the following options, observing COVID19-safe practices:

  • In-person appointments
  • Telehealth (video or phone appointments)

We are happy to serve our youth community in whatever ways possible.

Dr. Melinda Bower, ND and Susan Bone O’Brien, ARNP

Please see our webpage for more information here:

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Chimacum High School Class of 2001 20 Year Reunion

Chimacum High School Class of 2001 20 Year Reunion!

Saturday September 25th:

AM EVENT: Best Ball Golf Tournament- Port Ludlow Golf Course

9a-10a Tee Times every 10 mins.

*Call Port Ludlow Golf Course to book your Tee-Time. 360-437-0272

Mention its for the CHS 20 Year Reunion.

PM EVENT: Dinner & Drinks 6p-close

Valley Tavern

21 Chimacum Rd,

Port Hadlock-Irondale, WA 98339

Important Dates

  • 9/15/21 Wednesday- Early Release Schedule Begins- Students Dismissed at 1:20