Tech Tip Tuesday

Want one-on-one coaching with this tech tool? Just ask!

March 17: Share Ideas on Padlet

Padlet is a platform for sharing ideas. On padlet you can create walls on which students can post information. You can arrange your walls in free-form or grid format. Students do not need to sign in or create accounts. Simply post the wall in an easily accessible place (i.e. Schoology) and students can quickly start sharing their thoughts with one another.

What I like most about Padlet is that it is very versatile. You can use it for:

  • entrance / exit tickets
  • KWL charts
  • brainstorms
  • online discussions
  • showcases for student work
  • sharing bookmarks or resources


To use Padlet, you will need to create an account by going to The video below demonstrates its functionality and walks you through how to set up a wall.
How to use Padlet