"Never Leave Your Drink Alone"

All about Rohypnol!


Rohypnol is an illegal drug that has no scent, no taste and no color. This drug dissolves immediately when dropped into a drink. The effects of Rohypnol usually happen 20-30 minutes after the drug has been ingested. Some of these effects last up to 12 hours after one dose.

Short term effects



-drunk feeling

-difficult motor movements

-difficult speaking

Long term effects

-physical dependence

-psychological dependence

-blurred vision

-hair loss


What To Do

When people want you to ingest this drug, they do so by simply dropping it in your drink when you are not looking. Because Rohypnol has no scent, taste or color you will never know it is there. To stop the possibilities/chances of ingesting Rohypnol you should ask a close friend or family member to hold your drink while going to the bathroom and always make sure your drink is not somewhere you are not. When it comes to pain killing, drugs is not the answer, happiness is.
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