Cheyenne saling



The some producers for a Rainforest are banana trees,coconut trees,bamboo,and seeds. Some primary consumers are monkeys and butterfly's. Primary consumers eat the producers. Secondary consumers are chimpanzee'so and parrots.Some tertiary consumers are jaguars and leopards. I guess you can call them the top dogs of the Rainforest!!! Two different decomposers that live on the forest floor are worms and mushrooms.

Banana trees, butterfly, parrot, jaguar

The banana tree is a producer. A butterfly (primary consumer)will come and eat some of the bananas and then will fly off. Next the parrot (secondary consumer) will eat the butterfly and get its energy.Lastly the jaguar (tertiary consumer)will eat the parrot and the process will start all over again every day.

Humans impact on the environment

There are many different ways we impact the environment. One way we impact is by polluting the air with our cars. We also help it by recycling,that way we aren't cutting down more trees.