Career Resources for COVID-19

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In the continued wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are certainly facing unprecedented times. There has been much attention paid recently to the impacts this event is having and will continue to have on our economy, which raises a lot of questions about how full-time work, part-time work and internships will look in the near future.

The Career Guides in Guided Discovery have compiled this resource for you as we all prepare for this shift in career development opportunities.


While we can not meet in person during this time, the Career Guides in Guided Discovery will continue to assist all students regardless of class year as you navigate what this pandemic means for you.

You may continue to sign up for appointments via Navigate and your Career Guide will contact you via email to decide on the best method of communication for you (email, phone, chat, video, etc.).

Please also feel free to contact a Career Guide directly via email. All Guides profiles and contact information is listed on our website here.

Specific questions about internships, informational interviews and connections with alumni volunteers may be directed to Director of Integrated Career Advising, Karrie Manson (, 336.908.0665).

COMMUNICATION IS KEY!- Writing emails and other forms of online communication

Having professional conversations and exchanging important information is already hard enough in person, right? Well, now the majority of our work and conversations are exclusively online! See below for some tips on how to make sure you’re saying all the right things and retaining all the right information!

Determine the best form of communication: “In-Person”, Phone, E-Mail?

  • During COVID19, we can pretty much ex out the in-person option. For the remainder of the 2020 semester, campus is closed as we are all encouraged to practice physical distancing. There are times when an in-person conversation is more appropriate, so consider replacing those in-person conversations for a video conference via Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. Always introduce your topic via email and offer all three options. It is perfectly fine to mention your preference, but leave it up to the recipient to decide!

Maintain a Certain Level of Professionalism

  • Don’t be fooled by the comfort of your own home. Whether speaking on the phone, participating in a video conference, or sending emails--you should still be professional! When videoing, make sure you are appropriately clothed and have an appropriate/clean background. Use the same professional language you would use in a classroom or office.

Include a Subject Line

  • Folx get a lot of emails. This is always true, but there are double or more these days! Include a short, concise title in the subject line that introduces what you are discussing in your email. This may encourage them to read your message even faster as they prioritize their day. Examples: “Dropping a Class” “Questions about _____” “Homework Help” “Tech Issues on Canvas”.

Sense of Urgency

  • Answer your emails and send emails in a timely manner. If you have an urgent question, reach out as soon as you can to give the recipient time to respond. There is no need to message anyone multiple times a day about the same topic. It is good practice to give others 1-2 business days to respond. That is about the same window you should give yourself to respond. *Pro Tip: Download the Gmail app to receive notifications every time you get an email*

Other Basic Tips to Remember

  • E-Mails are not text messages. Steer clear from abbreviations and emojis. Include punctuation, capitalization, and correct grammar!

  • Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!!!!!

  • Include a Greeting and Salutation each time you craft a message. When in doubt, start with “Hi Recipients Name,” and end with “Thank You, Your Name”.

  • Be clear, concise, and respectful. Don’t ramble! Emailing should be used to answer quick questions and trade information. More in-depth topics may be more appropriate to have via the phone or video conference (or in-person, post COVID19).

  • Double and triple check that you are sending your messages to the right person.

  • Consider everything you write via email to be on record and view-able by others at any time.


If you are in the job or internship search process, don’t stop!

While some organizations' timelines may change, we encourage you to continue searching and applying in this time.

Handshake ( is Guilford’s own job board where 100’s of employers are posting positions daily. We have already set up an account for you, all you have to do is sign on and get started. See this FAQ document for more information.

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According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), it is estimated that approximately 85% of employers (as of 3/20/20) are planning to make no changed to their internship programs.

13% selected "other" and have reported that they are looking into online or other options to continue with planned internship experiences.

At this time, only 0.4% reported cancelling all summer internships-- which is good news!!

For the full article, click here.


We are encouraging students currently participating in a Spring 2020 internship to heed the CDC and national guidelines for personal and community health and safety by making adaptive and alternative/remote arrangements for completion.

We encourage you to work closely with your faculty sponsor if you are currently in an internship, to make adaptations for completing your work and receiving the credits you are seeking.

Options for students who are currently enrolled in a 290, 390 or SPST 485 internship course:

  • Ask your site supervisor about completing current work remotely and/or providing alternative projects (think about creative ways that you can support your site’s work right now)

  • Discuss with your faculty sponsor alternative projects, case studies, research, or assignments to complete in combination with the internship hours you have already completed if there is not the capability of completing your site hours remotely

  • Consider asking for an extension of site hours/remote hours in which case you may have to receive a provisional grade for work in the 12 week session (FYI- the Dean’s office has approved extending 12 week internships into the 3 week session for spring 2020)

  • Back down credits (and thus site hours) and complete internships “early” for fewer credit hours

  • Convert your internship course to an independent study (can be done for 12 or 3 week)

In some limited cases...

  • Students may continue in their internship - strictly abiding by the organization's requirements and CDC safety precautions

For students whose major requires an internship:

  • For graduating seniors - work with your Advisor to find a suitable alternative class or project

For students registered for a 3 week internship:

  • Discuss and prepare for alternative/remote arrangements!
  • Your Faculty Advisor, Guilford Guide, Director of Integrated Career Advising, and site connection will help you

The deadline for Spring 3-week internships is now April 3.

Students should still complete the online registration form to obtain course credit.

A NEW IDEA- "Micro-experiences"

Micro-experiences such as internships and project-based work have long been on the radar of career professionals, but in the wake of COVID-19, these experiences seem more useful and important than ever!

What is a "Micro-Experience"?-- a short-term internship or project-based work, usually around 10-40 hours, with a quick turn around

Are they paid?-- YES! All Micro-experiences through the partner company Guilford works with, Parker Dewey, are paid, PLUS Parker Dewey reviews tasks companies are asking students to complete to ensure they are appropriate and professional. The average pay is between $15-20/hour.

How do I apply?--

When applying, make sure you pay attention to the supplemental questions asked by the employer (such as: Why do you think you would be a good fit for this project? and/or Can you provide an example of your marketing work?).

There is a very quick turnaround, so new experiences are posted daily! AND you can apply and accept as many positions that are offered to you and you have time to balance (yes, this means you can have multiple Micro-experiences at once).

Big picture
Big picture
Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about Micro-Experiences, or if you need any assistance in setting up your profile.

ALUMNI & PARENT ENGAGEMENT-- A New Opportunity to Get Connected!!

The Guilford Alumni & Parent Engagement team has partnered with representatives from Guided Discovery to offer a great opportunity for students to connect with a huge network of Guilfordians across the country! The Guilford alumni and parent career partners network is here for you as you explore where your unique strengths, interests and passions meet opportunities for you to find meaningful work and exciting next steps in your life.

If you would like to be connected with professionals in our network of Guilfordians, complete this form to get started! A representative from Alumni & Parent Engagement will then reach out to you to help find the best connection for your academic and career needs.

This is the PERFECT time to leverage this network and stay connected while working from home!

For more information contact: Karrie Manson at

BE PREPARED- Interviews may be going VIRTUAL!

We are dealing with unsettling, ambiguous, and scary times. It is important for us all to look forward to more familiar and better days along with taking measures that ARE within our control. If you are still job or internship hunting--don’t stop! Prepare as much as you can for those interviews that will likely be virtual...

  • Research the organization

  • Research the position: duties, salary, requirements

  • Familiarize yourself with the job description

  • Plan technology & attire (dress professionally from head to toe!)

  • Choose a background that is professional and clean--not too “busy”, but not too plain

  • Test your connection, camera, and microphone BEFORE the interview-- this is IMPORTANT!!

  • Pick a quiet location with little to no background noise/feedback

  • Take note of special instructions they’ve asked you to complete ahead of your scheduled interview time

  • Prepare your questions for the team (2-4 thoughtful questions-- and don't forget that your questions can be just as powerful as your answers!)

  • Prepare a cheat sheet with information that you can quickly look to that may be helpful

  • Practice, Practice, Practice with your Career Guide

  • Follow up with a Thank You within 24 hours!

Phone Interviewing Tips

Video Interviewing Tips

JUST SAY "NO"- Alternatives greetings when we can't shake hands

If you find yourself in a situation where you are greeting someone--a friend, colleague, peer, professional connection--and they reach out for a handshake, consider these alternatives:

WAVE HELLO as you approach

  • This allows you to still show a hearty, welcoming greeting to the individual.

HOLD YOUR HANDS TOGETHER as you offer a verbal greeting

  • Many times, we follow the lead of others to seem “polite”. These are unreasonable standards, especially during times like this. If the person you are approaching reaches out for a traditional handshake first, we may feel pressured into finishing the gesture. Holding your hands together will stop your potential reflexes and allows time for your brain to catch up!


  • Health experts are insisting we keep a distance of about 6 feet if we should find ourselves interacting with others in public. Staying at home is still the best option, but if you must be out, stand back with a smile.

LIGHTEN THE MOOD if you have the chance

  • There are all types of suggested alternatives to handshakes floating around--fist bumps, foot taps, elbow bumps, you name it! We don’t advise you to initiate these as they are still considered unprofessional, but if the person you are meeting with offers a similar alternative that you’re comfortable with, join in!


  • Express your gratitude for their interest in you and show your explicit interest in continuing in the search process/professional connection. Simply ask if there are other virtual options available. If you prefer to continue staying home or in familiar spaces during this phase of physical distancing, it is your right to do so. Any person or organization that can’t understand that during times like these, might not be the best fit.

SELF-CARE & ANXIETY MANAGEMENT- How to stay calm in the wake of COVID-19

In the midst of COVID-19, adjusting to change and uncertainty lends its hand to increasing anxiety in a lot of us.

We recognize that it feels like things are upside down as we have fully transitioned to virtual everything: learning, student services, community, and fellowship with one another.

In this time we hope that you are finding ways to take care of yourself, staying as active as you can, and still connecting with friends/family in the safest way.

Looking for ways to practice self care? A few tips can be found below!

  1. Try to give yourself a “schedule” to add some normalcy to your days. Try to wake up at a decent time, schedule times for you to eat, take a walk/get fresh air, and time for you to do class work.

  2. Meditation WORKS! Find a quiet place/corner and just focus on your breathing. Try to distance yourself from distractions (phone, people, laptop) and take some time for yourself to breathe. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes!

  3. Create a “Stay at Home Playlist” of all your favorite songs that give you feel-good vibes. Now is the time to be surrounded by as much positivity and light as you can, why not spice it up with your favorite tunes! It’s also a good time to get up and move your body to the beat!

  4. FaceTime/video chat/call friends and family! Your go-to people want to see your face/hear your voice. Spending time with them, even if over the phone, is better than no time at all.

  5. Don’t apologize for feeling overwhelmed or anxious IT’S OKAY! Now more than ever is the time to recognize when you are feeling this way, acknowledging it, and figuring out what things will help you center yourself.

*As a reminder The Guilford College Counseling Center is available for phone consultations. To set something up, please call 336-316-2163 or email*

Above all, please take care of yourselves and reach out if you need to speak with someone!

Take care and stay safe!