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Morning & Afternoon Procedures

Thank you for a great start to a new year! We appreciate your patience as we begin a new year with our drop off and pick up procedures.

Morning Procedures

Our main focus at Curtis is to make sure that your student is safe at all times. We have new procedures in place.

  • All doors will remain locked in the morning.
  • Front doors will be opened from 7:15 – 7:50. At 7:50 the doors will close and students will have to go through the office to enter the building.
  • Students may go to cafeteria for breakfast and gym if not eating breakfast.
  • Breakfast is from 7:15-7:50--- Any students that come in at 7:50 or after will take their breakfast to class with them.
  • Parents may accompany their student to breakfast after they sign in at the office.
  • Parents that want to conference with their child's teacher must check in at the office.
  • Entry through the back doors is only allowed for staff, handicap visitors, bus and bicycle students during the school day.

Lunch Procedures

Lunch visitors are welcome but must check in at the office and be on the child's pick-up card.

Car Rider Card System

We will use a color coded name card to help with dismissal. Parents are encouraged to display their card in the car window in order to ensure all students safety at dismissal. This will allow parents the opportunity to stay in their vehicle while staff members bring their student to the vehicle. If you are in need of a new card please notify your teacher to get a replacement. If an alternate person is picking up your student, please have them come to the office for verification.

Remember to notify the office in writing or by phone, if your child has an alternative plan for getting home.

Afternoon Pick Up Procedures

1. Afternoon procedures are VERY DIFFERENT than morning drop-off procedures. Please see the map below.

  • The 3rd lane from the building is the main fire lane.
      • All vehicles in this lane must be moving.
      • Please pull out to this lane when you are ready to leave.
      • According to the fire code, children cannot load into the vehicles in the 3rd lane.
  • You can park along the right and left hand lanes by the curb and leave your vehicle if necessary to pick up your child. Any student that must cross the driveway will cross at the crosswalk with a crossing guard.
  • The 2nd lane from the building is a fire lane as well, but vehicles may stop in this lane to load children. However, you cannot leave your vehicle unattended when using this lane. Unattended vehicles in the 2nd lane will be ticketed by the fire marshal when he drives through.

2. Always load children on the opposite side of your vehicle from the lane of moving traffic.

3. Please always be very cautious of children when driving around the school during dismissal. Proceed SLOWLY and exercise extreme care if you must back up.

If there is inclement weather, all students will be held in their classrooms. You will be allowed to park in any lane except the thru lane so you can come in the school and pick up your student(s) in their classroom. We will have school personnel outside to help make dismissal run smoothly on these days.

**Please make sure you complete your child's pick-up card to ensure safety when someone besides yourself picks up your student.

Below is a map of the location of each grade. Kindergarten must be picked up at the door.

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