After Death!

What The Japanese Believed Happened After Death

Buddhism and Shinto

Buddhism and Shinto are the two most common religions in Japan and they each have their own believes of what happened after death. We will go over both of them.

Buddhist believes

Buddhists pray to Amida Buddha otherwise known as Buddha. He provides a path for spirits to pure land where it is easier to achieve enlightenment. They believe that after death the spirit cuts ties with their previous life to embrace a new life in the spirit realm. It is also believed that when the body is cremated the spirit starts a 49 day journey to reach the pure land shown to them by Buddha. The journey frees them from all links to their previous lives and the destination is a sort of paradise.

Buddha stuff

Shinto believes

the Shinto believe than everyone has an internal soul and that when they die their soul inhabits a new world. There are more than one spirit world and they are kinda similar to our "heaven and hell". Takamanohara, the world where the good spirits and rewarded, Yomi, where the evil are punished and Tokoyo where neither are punished or praised, it's kinda like our world.
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