Ms. Lee's Classroom News

March 18, 2016

Take Note...

*We have had lots of discussions lately about classroom/school behavior, being kind to others, thinking before we speak, and following North School's KAHFOOTY rule. I think the kids have a little Spring Fever and need the fresh air and sunshine!! Please reinforce these these expectations at home. Your help is appreciated!

*Please make sure your child is putting their name on their homework. They do not get credit if there is no name on the paper! Therefore, this can result in the loss of a Brag Tag! Reading Logs are considered homework!!

*A blue note is coming home about Family Game Night. It will be held on March 31 from 6:00-7:30.

*There will be NO newsletter next week due to the short week.

*There will be NO Spelling test next week due to the short week.

*There will be NO Daily Language/Daily Math quiz next week due to the short week.

*There will be NO Reading Log next week due to the short week.



READING: I CAN describe how words and phrases supply rhythm and meaning in a poem.

WRITING: I CAN choose a topic for a poem about something that matters to me.

SPELLING: I CAN spell my core words this week: why, help, put, different, away.

LANGUAGE: I CAN compare and contrast. I CAN also make inferences in a story.

MATH: I CAN add or subtract 10 and 100 from a given number and describe what part of the number changes.

SOCIAL STUDIES: I CAN read the symbols in a map key and find those locations on a map. I CAN design my own symbol to add to a given map.


March 23: Brag Tag Assembly 10:00

March 24-28: SPRING BREAK

March 29: School resumes

March 31: Story Teller Assembly 1:00; Family Game Night 6-7:30

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