Fife High News HYBRID edition

Return to Campus Info: new schedule for both Hyrid & Remote

February 23, 2021

Dear Fife Families,

Word's can't adequately express how thankful I am for all the support the community has lent our school and staff. So many limiting factors placed on our school community, and with each hurdle our students, families, and staff steps up to meet the challenge. We are now in our final week before we embark on yet another major transition... returning to campus and switching to our 6 period schedule.

Please take time to read through the information included in this newsletter. It's relevant to all our students, those going into full remote learning, and those going into Hybrid on campus learning. Students, should you be confused about anything don't hesitate to ask any of your teachers for clarification, and we will have another Family Class lesson next Monday 3/1 dedicated to this next chapter in our school year.


Brandon Bakke


At a Glance: Important Events and Dates

Thurs Feb 25

  • 1/2 day schedule periods 1-3

Fri Feb 26

  • 1/2 day schedule: periods 4-6

Mon March 1

  • 10:30 Family (in zoom as usual). Part 2 of our return to campus training.
  • Teacher Office Hours expand to 12:20-2:20

Tues March 2

  • 10th Orientation for Hybrid Cohort A on Campus students 7:40-2:20 on campus.
  • No Zoom classes today. Students not on campus work on Asynchronous classroom tasks.
  • Hybrid 11th and 12th no school today.
  • Junior Conferences with Counselors

Wed March 3

  • 10th Orientation for Hybrid Cohort B on Campus students 7:40-2:20 on campus.
  • No Zoom classes today. Students not on campus work on Asynchronous classroom tasks.
  • Hybrid 11th and 12th no school today.
  • Junior Conferences with Counselors

Thurs March 4

  • 1st Day for our 6th period schedule for all students.
  • Hybrid A students on campus.

Fri March 5

  • 2nd Day for our 6th period schedule for all students.
  • Hybrid B students on campus.

Returning to the FHS Campus Health and Safety Overview (5 Min)

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Schedules Beginning 3/1

What do Monday's look like starting March 1?

Monday's have stayed relatively the same. Family Class from 10:30-11:10AM in Zoom for all students.

Office Hours Increase on Mondays

With the schedule change to a 6 period day we will not have daily office hours. However, Monday's we are expanding office hours. If you are needing assistance from your teacher they are available online between 11:40-2:20 each Monday.

You can still email your teacher any time, and students who are on campus can meet with teachers after school if needed until 2:40PM.

March 2 and 3: 10th Grade Hybrid Orientations

We want to welcome our 10th graders onto our campus, many of them will be stepping foot onto FHS for the first time, so March 2-3 will ONLY have 10th graders who are in Hybrid on campus. Don't worry Sophomores, we will make sure you know where you are going on the first day.
  • On Tuesday March 2 Hybrid Cohort A SOPHOMORES will come to FHS for a regular school day. You will get a tour, meet your teachers and some of our student leader Blue Crew mentors.
  • On Wednesday March 3 Hybrid Cohort B SOPHOMORES will be on campus for their orientation day.
  • When you arrive on campus on these days we will help you find your way to our check in and your first class, so don't worry about getting lost!

On these orientation days we do not have zoom classes, and 11th and 12th grade hybrid students will not have school. Students in these groups will have asynchronous learning tasks assigned for those two days.

Are You a New 11th or 12th Grade Hybrid student?

When you arrive on Thursday 3/4 or Friday 3/5 on your assigned day, after you go through our health check in we will be providing you with a tour to help you navigate campus. After you get through the check in line head to the front steps by the flag pole!

Beginning Thursday 3/4-- 6 period schedule for both Full time Remote and Hybrid Students!

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Other Info

Parents/Guardians: Setting Up The Daily Symptom Checker! (Attestation)

Beginning next week parents will receive an email regarding the daily symptom checker. When you receive this email please set it up with your student's cell phone number (see video below). This way each morning the student is scheduled to be on campus a text reminder will go out to the student reminding them to complete the
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Fife Schools COVID Protocols - Daily Symptom Checker
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Students: Remember Asynchronous Day Attendance Check In

State law requires that FHS have an attendance check in on Asynchronous learning days (days you are not with a teacher).

  • Each morning on your Asynch days you will get an email front the attendance office prompting you, the student, to fill out the check in form for the day.
  • Simply check the link to the form, fill it out, and hit submit.
  • This must be done by 12PM each of these days and will only take you a few seconds to complete.

Mask Info

Masks must meet CDC guidelines.


Cloth Masks - at least two layers


Paper - at least two layers

KN95 Masks


Valve/Vent Masks are ok as long as the vent is properly placed or they do not work

Dr. Note Required:

Shield with a note of necessity from a Physician

Not Recommended:

Gators are allowed as long as they have two layers, cover the nose and mouth, and have no gaps; if it gaps students will be provided an alternative

Not Approved:

Anything that doesn't meet CDC guidelines

Must cover nose and mouth; no gaping

Food Info

  • Food pick up stations will continue on Mondays only. Students can pick up packs of meals for the week.
  • Students who come to campus. School Lunches are available when you are at school.
  • The days you are on campus you can pick up a breakfast go pack when you leave each day.

Parking Info for Hybrid on Campus Students

Students with a Parent/Guardian fill out this application to purchase a student parking pass. This must be completed prior to March 1.

On March 1 anytime between 12-2PM students who have filled out an application will report to campus to purchase and pick up their pass.

  • Students will show their drivers license and pay to obtain pass
  • Parking is ONLY available to students who are coming back to campus for classes.

Cost is $20

Students who have purchased a painted spot do NOT need to fill out this application but will need to pick up their pass on 3/1 12-2 PM at FHS.

All vehicles parked on school grounds must be registered with the school and have a current parking permit. Parking is STRICTLY limited to the STUDENT PARKING AREAS in NON-Painted spots

No Visitors on campus (non-students) Before 7:45AM

Parents/Guardians or other non students needing to be on campus, here are a few reminders for you:

  • No visitors can be on campus prior to 7:45am (after we get students into class each morning)
  • Visitors on campus for a visit less then 15 minutes do not need to do a health attestation.
  • Visitors on campus for visit that is longer than 15 minutes will need to do a health attestation.
  • Check in at the main office and ring the door bell.
  • Masks are required on campus.

Transportation Information

Hybrid students who indicated they are riding the bus can obtain their bus information using this link: LINK HERE

  • Remember masks required on the bus
  • You will be assigned a seat on the bus

Athletic Attendance Info

Unfortunately we are limited by state regulations on the amount of people who can attend games.

  • During the pandemic this year students and staff will not be allowed to attend games.
  • Some parents/guardians will be allowed to attend (each sport has different rules and your coaches/AD will be communicating this to you.)
  • If we are playing away, nobody is allowed to attend visiting events (away games).
  • See below on how you can still watch some of our athletic events
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