Credit Newsletter

Credit cards

Section 1: The Basics of Credit

What is credit? Credit is a type of way of getting goods without paying but will soon have to pay it. For example if i go to Walgreen and buy chips and use my credit card i still have to pay it. The forms of credit can basically be a debit/ credit card. The cost that are associated with credit cards are discount fee charged by the credit card company. A person's credit score is extremely important, as it determines his or her eligibility for all kinds of financial endeavors, such as credit cards and home loans. As Your credit score changes, you can contact the credit bureau and they collect information relating to the credit ratings of individuals and makes it available to credit card companies by giving you a credit report stating what your transactions were in the previous month. Your credit cards determine if your credit worthiness as means that your able to get one determines by the lender who is the bank giving you the card. The interest on your credit card will go up if you do not pay it of at the end of the month.

Section 2: Vocabulary Watch

The most important things you should watch out for is interest, credit, and credit score.

Section 3: Credit Cards: What You Need to Know

The main basics in credit cards is having to pay of your annual fees that you pay yearly, charged by the credit grantors fro the privilege of using a credit card.

A credit card is a plastic card linked to your account or another way of paying for things with interest. The interest rate could go up if not payed after the end of the month. Credit cards are mostly used all over the world at any store. The benefits of having a credit card is buy now pay latter but you have a certain amount of credit limit. Credit limit clearly means The maximum amount of credit that a financial institution. Not paying leads to penalty fees that You violated the terms on the cardholder policy.

Section 4: Smart Consumers: Don’t Fall Into the Credit Card Trap

The best way not to fall into a credit card trap most simple way is don't get a credit card. Most people want one, but if you end up getting one make sure the WiFi sign on is not on the card that sends a signal that people can steal your info of your card, and always signing your card as soon as you get it. Also never put your pin on the card Be careful.