Beautiful Disaster

Kate Brian


Beautiful disaster is a novel series about a girl named, Ariana Osgood who escaped from a mental institution with her friend Kaitlynn Nottingham. The two had just killed their friend that they met in the institution, Briana Leigh Covington so Ariana could have Briana's identity to start over. Ariana got herself a new look and got rid of Kaitlynn so that neither of them would have any contact. Briana's family is very wealthy and Ariana is able to convince Briana's grandmother to send her money because Briana's grandmother believes that Briana is alive, that being Ariana. Her grandmother enrolls her as a junior, although she should be sophomore in college at a school called, Atherton-Pryce boarding school, just outside of Washington D.C. Ariana deserved this. She has fit in with the perfect group of friends and has her eye on the president of the senior class, Palmer Liriano who has everything going for himself but is soon surprised that he has a girlfriend named, Lexa Greene. She does everything in her power to break the two of them up so she can finally have him. All works out in her favor except she wants to keep her and Palmer a secret. Everything seems to be going well for Ariana, or should I say Briana Leigh Covington. One day, she gets a call from Kaitlynn Nottingham threatening Ariana to give her money or else she will give her identity up, so Ariana bends over backwards to get this done for Kaitlynn. Just as she thinks she got rid of Kaitlynn for good, a taxi pulls up with a new girl in the backseat....

My opinion on Beautiful Disaster by Kate Brian

Beautiful Disaster was an excellent read. It not only gave vivid descriptions of everything and everyone, but it kept me wanting to continue reading. Each chapter had its own meaning and message. The fact that Ariana got her life back is phenomenal to me. Yes, she may have done some bad things to get there, but all in all she deserves the life she has the privilege of living. She's a very strong independent who can handle her own, once she wants something, she goes for it and lets NOTHING get in her way. I believe that every young female in her teens should give these a read, they help you get a better understanding that every teenage girl goes through just about the same things and this novel is very easy to read.


Ariana Osgood is the main character in this story but she is under Briana Leigh Covington's identity. She has long auburn hair and is about 5'6 with blue eyes. Her personality is that of someone who is very charismatic. She is the type of person who will be whoever she needs to be around certain people and everyone at her school seems to buy it. She wears nice, brand named clothes and is never slick slackin on her pimpin.

Ariana also has 3 other best friends named Lexa, Soomie, Bridget, and Maria. Soomie is a short, petite little thing that pays close attention to details and it very uppity. Lexa is the type of girl that everyone at Atherton-Pryce would consider perfect. She has long blonde curls and does everything that she needs to and is an overachiever with mischievous brown eyes. Bridget is a tall, black haired girl that is very laid back and sort of does her own thing, she has very bright, green eyes. Maria is almost like a mock of Ariana, they look similar in everything except for Maria has brown hair and she is more of a tom boy, she has never worn heels in her life.

Favorite Passage

"She looked over her shoulder and Ariana followed her gaze. A tall girl in a pink cable-knit sweater and khaki shorts was making her way through the crowd, drawing the interested glances of the students as she passed by. Christian stopper her to introduce himself and her face was in shadow, but Ariana saw that her brown hair was cut short in a peppy do. Ariana was just about to plaster on her best welcoming smile when the girl looked up and caught her eye."

This passage really got my blood pumping because right before that part of the story, Ariana realized that everything was falling into place for her and that nothing could possibly go wrong but it turns out to be her absolute worst nightmare.

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