ASPV Science Fair

February 2014

1st Grade

First grade students will complete the majority of their Science Fair projects inside the classroom with Miss Jen (and any wonderful parents who are willing to come and lend a helping hand). Students will work in groups to complete their projects. Projects will be presented on Tuesday, February 25, 2014.

3rd Grade

Third grade students can work in groups of three, with a partner, or individually. The majority of the work will be done at home. Students will be guided through the process and will have weekly check-ins to help them complete their projects.

Third grade will present their projects Wednesday, February 26th.

5th Grade

Fifth grade students can work individually or with a partner to complete their projects. Students will be given planning sheets and assistance to complete the work at home.

Fifth grade students will present Thursday, February 27th.

Final Project Due Dates!

Projects are due the week before the Science Fair presentations.

5th grade projects due Wednesday, February 19th

3rd grade projects due Thursday, February 20th

1st grade projects due Monday, February 24th

2nd, 4th & 6th Grades!

Relax this year! We have changed the format and students will participate every other year...but it is never to early to start thinking about next year's projects!


In the multi-purpose room at ASPV.

Is any of this information available in Spanish?

Yes, please ask or go to my Science website:

How do I start my project?

Students will be given 'planning sheets' to keep in their red science folders. Each week, students will be given a new assignment (or portion of their project) to complete at home. After students complete the work, they will submit it to Miss Jen before moving on. The planning sheets will also have a calendar of the due dates.

Can I start now?

Yes! You can always work ahead of schedule, but I may not always be available to look at your work during class time. I may ask you to leave the work with me for a day or come back and see me before or after school to give you feedback.

Need an Idea?

The topic will be the first are some great websites to get you started.

Do You Have Any Other Helpful Information?:

Step-by-Step Guide, Planning Sheets, Weekly Due Dates, Judging, Rules....Find all the details about Science Fair on Miss Jen's Science Website: