ASPIRE 5th Weekly News

April 15, 2016

As the year winds down...

Dates to Remember:

April 18 - 5th Grade Graduation and Planning meeting. 8:00 in the cafateria

April 19 - Poetry Slam - each Scholar will recite one of the poems they wrote

April 22 - SAGE Speaker Series presents Ian Byrd 6:00-7:30 pm at the PDEC

April 27 - field trip to the Civil War Museum - permission slips coming this week.

April 29 - Lunch with the principal

May 6 - Spirit Day and Pep Rally

May 9 - 6th Grade Accelerated Math STAAR

May 11 - Science STAAR

May 13 - Gator Games (field day)

May 16 - Career Day

May 20 - 5th grade vs faculty softball game

May 20 - ASPIRE Talent Showcase

May 27 - No school - Bad weather make up day

May 30 - Memorial Day, no school

May 31 - 5th grade celebration @ NRH2O - permission slips coming this week.

June 2 - 5th grade graduation and last day of school

A Peek at Last Week

Scientists at Work:

This week our scholarly scientists have finished building the terra aquariums and have had fun taking care of the creatures living within. After finishing our force an motion unit, the scholars studied interdependence of plants and animals with living and non-living things. These presentations were very impressive and went far beyond the requirements - well done!

In Humanities:

April is National Poetry Month - For the last 2 weeks. We started last week celebrating Opening Day for the Rangers by reading Casey at the Bat. The scholars also smashed lines from poems together to create a new original poem. We ended the first week by looking at ourselves and writing about the Best of Me - one poem was their best physical feature and the other was their best character trait. This past week we began by discovering that there are 5 doves (teeth) inside a sand dollar - we talked about what discoveries they have made of themselves this year and wrote a poem. We ended the week celebrating Jackie Robinson Day and wrote odes to Jackie. This week each scholar chose a poem they had written to RECITE in our Poetry Slam on Tuesday in the library. We will set up a "coffee house" in the library for the kids to perform their recitation. If you would like to send in some snacks to share for this - let us know.

Last week the scholars examined one of the early battles of the Civil War and created a flawed summary to share with the class. Their peers had fun finding the flaws embedded into the summaries! This past week we looked at debates of and the life of Black Union soldiers. WE ended the week by reading and analyzing the Emancipation Proclamation.

Next Week in Our Classes


6th Grade Accelerated Math
  • Financial literacy - checking accounts, building positive credit history, paying for college

5th Grade Math

  • Financial Literacy - looking at budgets, examining property taxes



  • Poetry Slam on Tuesday
  • Junior Great Books with Socratic Seminar

Social Studies

  • Examining life on the battle front and turning points in the Civil War


  • Food webs and creating models of an environment based on the adaptations of animals.


  • Collaborating with small groups
  • Presentations to class

Fullhart's class still in need of at least 8 shoe boxes! Boykin's class needs 1 more.

SAGE Speaker Series Presents Ian Byrd

SAGE is thrilled to welcome Ian Byrd as their speaker on April 22! Ian is a popular GT consultant and speaker. How popular? True story: His session at TAGT was so over-packed with eager teachers and parents that the fire marshal was called.

Ian's passions are GT teaching strategies and social and emotional support for gifted students. He creates teaching materials and videos. His topic for the night is Success Isn't Always a Straight Line: Preparing Gifted Students Socially and Emotionally for a Different Version of the Road to Success.

Ian says, "We like to simplify success into a linear, step-by-step series of events like: get good grades, go to a good school, get a good job. But what happens when our students run into a road bump? How do they respond to inevitable failures, tough teachers, or difficult decisions? We'll discuss how to get kids comfortable with a different version of the road to success."

Please plan to attend Friday, April 22nd from 6:00-7:30 at the PDEC.

Click here to reserve your seat! SAGE expects a big crowd that evening.

Order and Chaos in ASPIRE 5

When 29 scholars are caring for 9 terra aquariums made from soda bottles - you know chaos is just waiting in the wings. Last week is was seen in full as not 1 but 2 terra aquariums tipped over water splashing everywhere, one fish flapping in a puddle on the floor and 1 fish getting trapped under the rocks. First there were screams, then screeches as they tried to catch the flopping fish, then signs when that fish returned safely, then more screeches when they realized that a fish had gotten trapped in the rocks during the landslide and finally sighs as on of our long-armed students was able to reach in and clear the rocks so that the little fish was able to swim away to safety. Order regained but what to do about getting more room temperature water for the fish? Several scholars stepped in for the rescue by offering the water in their water bottles. All is now well with the fish - they have survived that chaotic day. Then there's the snails... many mornings the scholars have to find their runaway land snails and return them to their terrarium. Sometimes they are found on the outside of the bottle and once on the wall. Shortly after "earthquake" day we noticed that in several of the aquariums we have baby snails! Oh life is full of order and chaos, especially when it involves pets of any kind!

5th Grade Graduation/Celebration Planning Meeting

5th-Grade Parents! Graduation will be here before you know it and we will definitely need your help! If you are available the morning of Monday April 18th at 8:00am, please join us in the Glenhope cafeteria for a 5th-Grade Graduation/Celebration planning meeting. This meeting is for committee chairs and also anyone and everyone who would like to help with all of the end-of-year celebrations. The committee could really use your help - hope to see you there!

3rd Annual ASPIRE Talent Showcase

The ASPIRE Talent Showcase was the brainchild of three 4th grade ASPIRE students during the first year of the ASPIRE Academy. It's purpose was a chance for the ASPIRE students to get together across grade levels and share something they were passionate about through the arts. That first year it was held in Mrs. Ballard's classroom since it was only 3 ASPIRE classes.

The next year these 3 students asked to do the Showcase again. Since the ASPIRE Academy was larger they split the day up so that 1st-2nd grade had a showcase and 3rd-5th grade had a showcase, but all showcases were in a class room.

This year we have five 5th grade students that were hand-picked by the originators before they went on to middle school. These 5 girls have gotten a good start on the planning, but since the ASPIRE Academy is now 7 classes - Mr. Boykin and Mrs. Fullhart are jumping in as the producers of the 3rd Annual ASPIRE Talent Showcase to help relieve the stress of putting on such a large show. The ASPIRE 5 classes will finish organizing and learning how to produce these shows. It will be a great experience in committee work and large group collaboration.

Once again due to the numbers of ASPIRE students and space available, the showcase is for our students and will be in the afternoon after the 5th grade faculty softball game.

SAGE Student Showcase

Start thinking about what you might to enter for the SAGE Showcase. Check out the information about the Showcase at the SAGE website. The deadline for entering is May 16, 2016.

Reading Rewards and the 40 Book Challenge

According to our goal setting conferences with our scholars, the most difficult part of the 40 book Challenge is not reading 40 books - but reading books from many different genres. Encourage your scholar to branch out and read a book from a different genre than their favorite! One of the ways the scholars may keep track of the books they read for the 40 Book Challenge is to use All of our scholars are now enrolled in our class!

iPads - Being Prepared for the Day

This week both classes were asked to "Show me the Charger" and only about half of them could. Our iPads are older. They often don't hold a charge well. Scholars need to bring their charger each day in case they need to recharge during the day and they need to take home the charger again each night to use at home.

Many scholars are still coming to school with iPads that are not charged. They are prepared for the day. It is very important that iPads are charged each night. Please remind your child to plug in his/her iPad each night and to brings the iPad charger to school.

Thank you so much for your help in this!


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