By: Rio Baran & Gillian Holder , 7th hour


Choking/Suffocating is a VERY big deal. In this presentation you will learn interesting facts and stats. Also, helpful prevention tips. Just remember if you are around anyone that is choking/suffocating don't panic and help them with the tips below.


  • 88% of strangulation deaths occur with children under the age of four
  • More boys than girls are the victims of choking
  • More than 90% of deaths from foreign object occur in children younger than 5 years old; 65% of them are infants
  • A child with a fully obstructed airway will be dead in 4-6 minutes without help
  • The average time it takes for an ambulance to arrive is 10 minutes; so this proves that you need to know CPR

5 Prevention Tips

- Don't give little objects to children under age 3

- Don't be in a small room with a lot of people for a long time, our your air supply will run low.

- Don't leave you smaller children unattended when your eating

-Remove blankets,toys,and pillows in your baby's crib at night

- Learn CPR for all ages