Earthquakes and Big Shakes

What is an earthquake?

What to do in an earthquake

In an earthquake you should Drop,Cover and hold onto a sturdy piece of furniture like a table to protect you from any falling objects and broken glass.

Also don’t panic or shout during an earthquake.

If you’re not near a piece of furniture just drop, cover and hold your hands over you to protect your neck and your head.

In an earthquake if you’re outside try to find an open space where nothing can fall on you and a place away from glass then just drop, cover and hold.

Do you know what to do in an earthquake?

What to do....

In an earthquake... Drop to the ground, Cover your head with one hand and hold onto a sturdy piece of furniture. If you are in an area (like your room) and there is nothing to hold onto stand underneath a doorway.

What is an earthquake


An earthquake is a sudden release of pressure from under the first layer of the earth called the crust.

It starts of with lots pressure building up in the mantle, the mantle is a layer of the earth under the ground.It is deep down in the ground so no one can dig to it.

The mantle is very hot with the pressure and when the layer on top of the mantle ( called the crust witch we walk on) starts moving very slowly it can get stuck witch makes a hole for the pressure to come out.It comes out in a form called seismic waves.

These waves shake and create an earthquake.

Remember be safe!

New Zealand is a very common place for earthquakes and we have to be prepared.

Hopefully you will remember all these things...

but make sure that when an earthquake hits you... DROP, COVER, HOLD!

It could save your life!